Diageo launches further fertility support for its UK employees

27 Feb 2023

Today, we announce the launch of Fertility Support Guidelines in the UK to assist all employees undergoing fertility treatment, irrespective of gender, sexuality, relationship status or type of fertility journey.

At Diageo we pride ourselves on providing support to our people that will help them to thrive in the workplace and at home. We want to ensure our inclusive culture creates a safe and nurturing environment where our people feel supported – mentally, physically, socially and financially.

In the UK, 60,000 people go through fertility treatment each year. For our employees going through this experience these guidelines will create a space to have conversations about the additional support they need.

As of today, employees in the UK who are either going through fertility treatment, the partner of someone going through fertility treatment, and intended parents, are also entitled to additional paid leave.

Alongside the paid leave support, the guidelines also aim to raise awareness of fertility issues, and the mental and physical toll faced by those affected. We’ve partnered with Fertility Matters at Work, an educational training provider that exists to support businesses in becoming more fertility friendly for its employees, to ensure the guidelines also act as an educational tool that outlines the reality of fertility issues and treatment. It provides advice on how colleagues and leaders can support someone going through the process with compassion and understanding.

Caroline Rhodes, Global Inclusion and Diversity Director at Diageo, said: “Ensuring that our people feel supported to bring their whole selves to work is a tenet that underpins our business. So many people are directly impacted by fertility issues and every person’s experience is unique.

“These guidelines will provide greater support, understanding, and raise awareness on fertility matters for all of our people, while most importantly helping those directly impacted. Launching today in the UK, we plan to roll out the guidelines in more markets over the next 12 months.

“I want to personally thank our employees who have partnered with us on these guidelines, sharing their own lived experiences with such candour and honesty, helping us to consider the key needs of individuals during what can be a highly emotional and stressful journey.”

Natalie Silverman, Co-Founder of Fertility Matters at Work, said: “We’re really proud to be working with a range of businesses dedicated to supporting their employees through ensuring appropriate policy and guidance is in place, and that this is supported by awareness raising and education.

“It’s great to see companies like Diageo recognise that the journey to building a family isn’t always linear, and for some, it can be physically and emotionally challenging. We’re confident that participating in our Fertility Friendly training and working toward our accreditation will help bring to life and support the new Fertility support guidelines at Diageo.”

Other policies in our suite of personal and family support include Parental Leave, Pregnancy Loss, Domestic & Family Abuse and Menopause.