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Nathan Epemolu

Let's help you reach your fullest potential. Below, our Talent Engagement team share their top tips on the different stages of our recruitment process.


Before you apply

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

  • Perfect your profile photo. The photo should be professional, whilst allowing your personality to come across.
  • Make sure you have a headline that's up to date (it will appear right under your name). The headline is a fantastic opportunity to make an impactful and concise mission statement.
  • Ensure you're “Open to opportunities”. This allows recruiters and connections to see that you're proactively looking for your next role.
  • Make the “About you section” bespoke to you and allow your personality to shine through. Keep it to three effective sentences.
  • Fill out all sections of your profile. This will make it 27x more likely to be found by recruiters.

"Take the time to tailor your CV to every job application, read through the role profile, and ensure you are showcasing your strengths. Don’t forget to harness the power of social media, LinkedIn is a primary tool for our Talent team so best to keep your LinkedIn profile regularly updated!"

Farrah Keyani
Farrah Keyani
Talent Engagement Manager, Global Functions


Perfect your CV and cover letter

CV top tips
  • You don't need to share all of your personal information on your CV — your name and contact number is fine.
  • Your profile should be adapted to the role you're applying for.
  • Some of your experience may not be relevant to the job you're applying for, so keep information to a minimum. Always think about your transferable skills.
  • Show your star quality — create an Achievement's section to showcase what you do well in your job.
Cover letter top tips
  • Your letter should answer the following questions:
    • What is your motivation for applying to the role?
    • How do your skills transfer to the role profile of the job?
  • Ensure your cover letter is set in letter formatting.
The virtual or face-to-face interview


  • For a virtual interview ensure you have good internet connection and everything is working as it should be.
  • Be in an environment that sets you up for success. Think about a Zoom background if you’re in a distracting home environment.

During the interview

  • At Diageo, we celebrate varied voices. So, be you. We want to know your perspective, passions, and interests, because they make you unique.
  • Have a library of examples ready to illustrate your answers.
  • Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when giving examples of how you've handled something in the past. Your example should answer the following questions:
    • Situation: what was the situation you had to deal with?
    • Task: what was your task/responsibility in the situation?
    • Action: what action did you take to complete the task?
    • Result: what was the result?
  • Prepare your questions for the interviewer. You need to ensure that this is the right role for you.
  • If you need an interview question rephrased, don't be afraid to ask!

“Act naturally and answer all questions carefully. Demonstrate your interest and passion for the company and the role. Trust yourself and everything will be okay!”

Gisele Vantine
Gisele Vantine
Talent Engagement Lead, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Be organised. Make sure you complete the onboarding tasks quickly. If this doesn’t happen, everything slows down and we may have to move back your start date.
  • If there's something you're not sure about, just ask. We're here to help, and no question is a stupid question.

“When getting ready for onboarding, be open to learning and absorb as much as you can during your first weeks. Onboarding is the perfect moment to connect with your Manager and to start building your network with key stakeholders, going beyond your function to understand the business. This is also a perfect moment to get involved with our brands and understanding how our business comes to life. Finally, don’t be afraid to be curious, ask questions and keep an open mind!”

Camila Moreno
Camila Moreno
Talent Engagement Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean
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