Ordinary dividends

Dividends on ordinary shares are normally paid twice a year – an interim dividend in April and a final dividend in October. The approximate split between the two payments is 40/60.

You can choose whether to take your dividends in cash or to reinvest them in ordinary shares under our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

Cash dividends for the F24 Interim Dividend payment will be made by cheque on the dividend payment date, unless you choose to mandate your dividends, in which case they will be paid direct to your bank or building society account on the payment date.

Shareholders are reminded that from the F24 Final Dividend, payments will no longer be made by cheque, and so Shareholders will be required to provide details of their bank account or building society (if they have not done so already) by the dividend record date.

Shareholders will need to complete and return a bank mandate instruction to Link Group by the dividend record date, accessed via the shareholder portal - www.diageoregistrars.com

Alternatively, you can update your mandate over the phone by calling  +44(0)3712771010 where you will be asked some security questions – please ensure you have your documentation to hand prior to calling.

Dividend confirmations

To help with record keeping and to reduce printing, paper and postage costs, we issue one Annual Dividend Confirmation in October each year. This contains details of all dividends paid during the tax year and is available to view and download online through the Share Portal.

You will receive annual notice in October by email or post to let you know when the confirmation is available to view online. Those shareholders who have chosen paper as their preferred communication method will continue to receive a paper document in October each year. 

Dividend mandates

You can have your cash dividends paid directly into your UK bank account on the dividend payment. To notify the Registrar of your bank details you can:

  • Register with our Share Portal. This is the easiest way to notify the Registrar and also allows you to manage your holding online.
  • If you live outside the UK, our Registrar, Link Group, offer an International Payments Service, which facilitates the conversion of your dividend payment into the currency of your choice with payment sent by draft or electronically. You can sign up for this service on our Share Portal.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

The DRIP gives you the opportunity to build up your shareholding in Diageo by using your cash dividends to purchase further Diageo shares.

The DRIP is administered by our Registrar, Link Group. Please contact the Registrar should you wish to reinvest your dividends.

Visit our financial calendar for the record date and the date for return of DRIP mandate forms in respect of a particular dividend.

The purchases are made on, or as soon as reasonably practicable, after the dividend payment date, at the market price(s) available at the time. Any surplus cash dividend remaining is carried forward and added to your next dividend payment.

To be eligible to participate in the DRIP for a particular dividend your shareholding must appear on the share register on the record date for the payment of that dividend.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the Share Portal.

Dividend history

Year ended June Final/Interim Net amount (cents) Net amount (pence) Payment date
2024 Interim 40.50 32.05 17.04.24
2023 Final N/A 49.17 12.10.23
Interim N/A 30.83 13.04.23
2022 Final N/A 46.82 20.10.22
Interim N/A 29.36 07.04.22
2021 Final N/A 44.59 07.10.21
Interim N/A 27.96 08.04.21
2020 Final N/A 42.47 08.10.20
Interim N/A 27.41 09.04.20
2019 Final N/A 42.47 03.10.19
Interim N/A 26.1 11.04.19
2018 Final N/A 40.4 04.10.18
Interim N/A 24.9 06.04.18
2017 Final N/A 38.5 05.10.17
Interim N/A 23.7 06.04.17
2016 Final N/A 36.6 06.10.16
Interim N/A 22.6 07.04.16
2015 Final N/A 34.9 08.10.15
Interim N/A 21.5 07.04.15
2014 Final N/A 32 02.10.14
Interim N/A 19.7 07.04.14
2013 Final N/A 29.3 03.10.13
Interim N/A 18.1 08.04.13
2012 Final N/A 26.9 22.10.12
Interim N/A 16.6 10.04.12
2011 Final N/A 24.9 24.10.11
Interim N/A 15.5 06.04.11
2010 Final N/A 23.5 19.10.10
Interim N/A 14.6 06.04.10
2009 Final N/A 22.2 19.10.09
Interim N/A 13.9 06.04.09
2008 Final N/A 21.15 20.10.08
Interim N/A 13.2 07.04.08
2007 Final N/A 20.15 22.10.07
Interim N/A 12.55 10.04.07
2006 Final N/A 19.15 22.10.06
Interim N/A 11.95 10.04.06
2005 Final N/A 18.2 24.10.05
Interim N/A 11.35 06.04.05
2004 Final N/A 17 29.10.04
Interim N/A 10.6 06.04.04
2003 Final N/A 15.7 27.10.03
Interim N/A 9.9 07.04.03
2002 Final N/A 14.5 04.11.02
Interim N/A 9.3 22.04.02
2001 Final N/A 13.4 05.11.01
Interim N/A 8.9 23.04.01
2000 Final N/A 12.6 15.11.00
Interim N/A 8.4 13.04.00
1999 Final N/A 11.7 15.11.99
Interim N/A 7.8 30.04.99
1998 Final N/A 10.8 30.11.98
Interim N/A 7.20 + 5.3 24.04.98

Dividend calculator

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