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We’re obsessed with building brands that will stand the test of time. Our focus and investment generate a brilliant blend of creativity with precision, providing consumers and customers with world-class experiences across every touchpoint

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With consumers at the heart of everything we do, we’re accelerating our digital journey to transform the way we build and sell our iconic brands. Whether it’s empowering teams with better data access or developing innovative solutions to connect consumers with our brands in extraordinary, personalised ways, digital is reshaping our entire business.

Continuous innovation requires using technology, data & analytics and broader digital marketing and commercial competencies, effectively working together for our business, brands, communities and people. It means always striving to be better and evolving how we work as an organisation, improving our systems and processes so that our people can put their time and energy into what matters most. This makes us more agile in response to consumer needs and more efficient in our day-to-day operations.

Keeping pace in such a fast-moving environment means we explore, experiment, and introduce leading technology - importantly, we invest in environmentally friendly initiatives that match our established ESG Society 2030 agenda.

Learn more about careers in Digital

Learn more about careers in Digital

Innovative Solution with Jimmy Klien

Innovative Solution with Jimmy Klien

Make your mark, in your own way

Joining our digital journey could mean using data to unlock unparalleled brand experiences or connecting with consumers through tailored solutions. It could also mean creating – or simply enjoying – seamless digital platforms and efficient work processes, driven by AI and data-led insights. You’ll benefit from and help shape a truly digital business, fit for the future.

Together, we’ll create long-term value with better informed decision-making, tailored omnichannel consumer experiences, and continued innovation. Collectively shaping the next generation of celebrations.

Upskill through tailored programmes

Our investment in transformational digital and data capabilities, means you’ll get the relevant digital knowledge, skills, mindset, and confidence to propel your career and help build our digital solutions. Not only through your day-to-day work, but also through bespoke learning programmes. These will help you be the best you can be, now and in the future.

Be part of our digital journey

Join us as we drive growth through digital innovations. Together, we’ll create extraordinary experiences for our consumers and customers everywhere.

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Explore some of our digital initiatives and innovations

Accelerating our e-commerce offering

Online alcohol sales have become more prevalent and relevant to our consumers. We need to be ready to meet our consumers where they already are, with what they want, which is online. We can follow and lead in trends like this in order to transform how consumers engage with our brands. Only then will we win the next generation celebration.

We’re partnering with key e-commerce players from retailers, marketplaces, to e-grocers, so that our brands stand out on the ‘digital shelf’ in the same way they do on store shelves. At the same time, we’re developing our own digital channels too – with The-Bar being the cornerstone of our digital portfolio, allowing us to connect directly with consumers in unique and differentiated ways.

Relevant and personalised customer interactions

Launched in 2021, Diageo One is our platform to sell, serve, and engage with our customers globally. It enables customers to order products seamlessly, get insights to help better business decisions, access brand assets and much more. It's already used in 13 countries by over 200,000 customers.

We’re also supporting our customers and our global sales teams leverage data and insights from digital tools such as TRAX and EDGE365 to extend our sales reach and improve our execution.

Digitisation across our Supply Chain

Leveraging digital also allows us to transform our business. Our real-time insights allow us to anticipate supply chain blockages, enabling us to take timely action. We’ve been spearheading the use of automation such as bots and intelligent automation to make the best decision at any point. We’re also implementing artificial intelligence in our order cycle to optimise product availability, container fill rate and pricing.

As we seek to further digitise our supply chain processes, we’ve designed and implemented the first ever digital planning tool on aged liquid, including the rotation of barrels between different age groups. We’ve also introduced an advanced supply planning tool which should help us to drive end-to-end scenario planning and inventory optimisation.

Staying at the forefront of Digital Innovation

Testing, learning and scaling a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

AI powered tools help us to drive productivity in our marketing. Our Al-driven Virtual Studio automates creation and adaptation of content in just a few clicks, and we’re scaling proprietary AI algorithms to embed best practice media buying techniques across all markets.

AI-based tools help us put insights into action. From machine-learning powered forecasts supporting strategic advertising and promotional planning, to social listening tools identifying trends and insights to unearth unmet consumer needs through the analyses of large data sets.

And innovation doesn’t stop there.

Driven by emerging technologies, our dedicated Digital Breakthrough team focus on new ways to transform our brands, business and society. We “Think Big and Start Small” with the consumer at the centre of every exploration, co-creating next gen consumer experiences with leading digital disruptors through our Fusion partnership lab. As well as AI, together, we’re exploring technologies across Spatial Computing and Blockchain to help us unlock and shape the future of social celebration.

From a machine learning based flavour discovery experience (watch Jimmy’s film above to learn more), a generative AI conversational interface, to an augmented reality mixology tool and hyper personalised digital gifting and tasting journeys, there’s more to come as we scale and take celebration beyond the bottle.

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