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Building a company that can prosper over the long term.

We’re building and nurturing some of the world’s most iconic brands, rooted in culture and local communities, which is why we're focussed on creating an inclusive, sustainable business in its widest sense. Our ambitious ESG 10-year plan 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' is our commitment to shaping a more sustainable and inclusive business and society.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading companies. A business tuned to respond to the needs of all our stakeholders and society at large. Our distilleries, breweries and the hospitality industry we serve are at the heart of local communities, and our business will only thrive if it helps these communities prosper too. That’s why we believe that our responsibility and influence extend beyond our direct operations.

Our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan sets ambitious targets that support this commitment. We are focused on building a sustainable supply chain, in protecting the environment and the natural resources we all rely on, supporting skills development and inclusion and diversity in our business and our communities and promoting responsible drinking around the world.

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ESG Reports and Resources

A link to our ESG Reporting Index 2023 is provided below. Within our ESG Reporting Index 2023, you will find our GRI & SASB Index 2023. Please also see our TCFD Report 2023 and our progress against our ESG targets.

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ESG governance

To ensure our success in achieving the targets set out in our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' action plan, we depend on both internal and external regulatory frameworks.

ESG governance
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Corporate governance

The principal corporate governance rules applying to Diageo (as a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange) are contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018.

Corporate governance
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Diageo Society 2030: Spirit of Progress Investor Webcast

The ESG webcast provides a deeper dive into its 10-year action plan, 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress'.

Watch Spirit of progress Investor Webcast

Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

Society 2030 Strategy Min

Our strategy

Doing business the right way underpins everything we do. Our plan is focused on three core strategic pillars that are most material to our business.

Our core pillars
Doing Business The Right Way Min

Doing business the right way from grain to glass

Doing the right thing, in the right way, is the foundation of our business and our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' 10-year ESG action.

Doing business the right way
Society 2030 Targets And Performance Min

Targets and Performance

Our 25 ambitious targets will lead our business over the next decade and deliver a positive impact on society, everywhere we live, work, source and sell.

Our 2030 targets

Our core pillars

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Promote Positive drinking

  • Tackling underage drinking
  • Changing attitudes to drink driving
  • Promoting moderation
Responsible drinking
Core Pillar Inclusion And Diversity Min

Champion Inclusion and diversity

We will champion inclusion and diversity across our business and together with our partners and communities we aim to help shape a more tolerant and equal society.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
Core Pillar Grain To Glass Min

Pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability 

  • Preserve water for life
  • Accelerate to a low carbon world
  • Become sustainable by design: Eliminating waste, innovation in sustainable packaging and regenerative agriculture
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Protecting biodiversity and about Diageo sustainable solutions
Grain-to-glass sustainability

Grain to glass ambitions

2020 sustainability and
responsibility achievements

Our 2020 targets built and expanded on the foundations laid by our previous 2015 targets. They also helped form our latest 10-year ESG action plan, 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress'.

View our achievements

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