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An iconic brand and world-leading stout established, in 1759

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Famous for its Irish provenance and exceptional colour, this most prestigious of black beers is brewed in over 50 countries and enjoyed in around 150 worldwide. The perfect Guinness two-part pour takes 119.5 seconds. But one thing is never in doubt, Guinness is worth the wait. 


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Coming alive in culture

Guinness’ distinctive voice is informed by deep consumer insight and powered by precision marketing to ensure it connects with key cultural moments. In August 2021, Guinness launched its first pan-African campaign in five years: Black Shines Brightest. Inspired by the bold and unique beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, the campaign celebrates African creativity and ingenuity, and features some of the best-known local culture makers.


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Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

To support our Society 2030 ESG action plan, Guinness is undertaking a three-year regenerative agriculture pilot in Ireland. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that works in harmony with the natural environment to put back more than it takes out.

The programme intends to highlight opportunities for reducing the carbon emissions of barley production.

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