Promote positive drinking

Marketing Code

The Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) is our mandatory minimum marketing standard. It governs how we, and any third parties we work with, must operate.

Marketing responsibly

We have a long history of ensuring our brands are marketed and advertised responsibly and of promoting moderation to our consumers.

We will uphold this commitment through our responsible marketing principles which includes, among other principles, our commitment to:

  • Depicting and encouraging only responsible and moderate drinking
  • Never targeting underage audiences

The Diageo Marketing Code

Our Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) and Digital Code not only set minimum standards for responsible marketing, they also represent a cornerstone of our corporate culture and the way we do business.

It applies across all our markets, and guides everything we do, from research and development to marketing, promotion, and packaging. At the heart of the Code is ensuring that all our marketing is only ever directed at adults over the legal purchase age, and to encourage drinking in moderation.

Our Code of Business Conduct, which complements the Diageo Marketing Code, also sets out principles for our digital marketing, including ensuring any communication is directed at adults over the legal purchasing age.

“We are incredibly proud of the role our brands play in society: they are iconic, relevant, and culturally present, they celebrate diversity and challenge prejudice; many have long-lasting legacies, and others were born in more recent years.”

Cristina Diezhandino
Chief Marketing Officer

Our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ targets

Leverage Diageo marketing and innovation to make moderation the norm – reaching 1 billion people with dedicated responsible drinking messages