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Lucy Bell

Lucy Bell

Electrical Engineer, Shieldhall

Kian Kazeminia

Kian Kazeminia

Apprentice Electrical Engineer, Shieldhall

United Kingdom & Ireland

Engineering Apprenticeships

We have three different types of Engineering Apprenticeships available across our sites:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Instrument and Controls Engineering

The apprenticeships combines in-college learning with on-the-job experience. Being right at the heart of a global manufacturing operation, you'll get the chance to work on industry-leading technology and, of course, help shape the future!

Our Engineering Apprenticeship is currently closed for applications.

Packaging Operations Apprenticeship

Our Packing Operator Apprenticeship is designed to provide a springboard for a long and rewarding career in manufacturing. The two-year programme combines in-college and on-the-job learning every week.

In the workplace, you’ll have in-depth training on the different machines and different bottling lines. You’ll learn the end-to-end manufacturing process, including quality checks, process improvements, line stoppages, machine maintenance, and fault-finding.

Our Packaging Operations Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Spirit Supply Operations Apprenticeship

Spirit Supply plays a vital role in our supply chain. On this apprenticeship, you'll be directly involved in producing and preparing the spirit that goes into our most iconic brands. You’ll spend three enjoyable years on this programme, learning everything you need to know to succeed in this exciting area of our business!

The apprenticeship is structured to help, support and inspire you in the best way possible. During the 3 years, you will spend one day a week in college to study for your HNC/D in Chemical Engineering and SVQ, and you will be on-site four days a week, putting all your skills and knowledge into practice. This programme is taught in Leven, Fife.

Our Spirit Supply Operations Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Cooper Apprenticeship

As a cooper apprentice, you'll step into the very heart of our whiskey production. You'll be based in Alloa, Scotland, where we have our Cooperage—a state-of-the-art facility that blends leading-edge technology with the skill and craftsmanship of our Coopers. The barrels that are used to mature whisky are key for producing some of our most iconic brands.

Our Cooper Apprenticeship is a four-year, work-based, assessed programme. Your first three years will be spent learning the history of coopering and developing the skills and techniques of the physical craft of the trade. In your fourth year, you'll move into our pioneering mechanical cooperage.

The programme is accredited by the Cooperage Federation. You'll be required to pass a Trade Test at the end of your apprenticeship to demonstrate your capability and craft.

Our Cooper Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Coppersmith Apprenticeship

Copper is integral to the production of whisky, the craft & skill in fabricating and maintaining copper stills is paramount to Diageo. To enable Diageo to maintain these goals, it is crucial to develop and ensure the skills of coppersmiths are retained within the business. This is a work based, assessed programme, and you will attain an HNC through on/off job training. You will transfer your knowledge to practice and become a proficient coppersmith.

Our Coppersmith Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Whiskey Maturation Operations Apprenticeship

Our two-year Maturation Operator Apprenticeship programme in Stirling, Scotland, is designed to give you the foundation you need to grow a rewarding career in warehousing. As an apprentice on this programme, you'll get to spend your weeks learning both in the classroom and on-site.

You’ll have in-depth training on the different areas of maturation. This covers filling, warehousing, disgorging and cask management operations. Your college time will give you an introduction to the principles of warehousing and storage. And at the end of the programme, you’ll have heaps of experience, an SCQF Level 5 qualification in Warehousing and Storage and a genuine prospect of a job as a maturation operator.

Our Whiskey Maturation Operations Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Inventory and Supply Chain and Manufacturing Apprenticeship

This three-year apprenticeship provides a unique opportunity to develop a broad skill-set within an exciting and supportive work environment, whilst working towards a structured SVQ certified qualification in Supply Chain.

During the programme, you'll learn all about Inventory Management (managing whisky stock records, third party customer service and HMRC owner & site location compliance) and Quality (sample ordering, record management and HMRC compliance). You'll also develop your operational capabilities and achieve SVQ certification to level 3 or above. At the end of the programme, you'll have all you need to build your career within the exciting field of Inventory and Supply. This apprenticeship is available in Alloa, Scotland.

Our Inventory and Supply Chain and Manufacturing Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.


Asset Care Apprenticeship

Our Australia apprenticeship programme develops tomorrow's generation of talent management within Asset Care and Reliability. With apprenticeships available at both our Huntingwood and Bundaberg sites, you'll be supported by industry experts as you learn either a Mechanical Fitter or Electrical trade. The programme is either three or four years, depending on location. And it's fully supported. You'll be able to work on site four days per week and attend vocational training centres for theoretical training one day per week, in line with the National Standard for Apprenticeships.

Our Asset Care Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.




STEM Apprenticeship

Our STEM Apprenticeship scheme is currently closed for applications.

Latin America and Caribbean

LAC Apprentice Program

This apprenticeship is available in Colombia. It provides students that are finishing their technician career with the opportunity to develop different skills in a 6-12 month programme (time period is dependent on the school). The programme can be paired with a variety of positions in functions such as Finance, Marketing, Corporate Relations and Sales.

Our LAC Apprenticeship program is currently closed for applications.

Brazil: PUB Programa de Aprendizes

Atualmente fechado para aplicações.



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