Diageo introduces Pregnancy Loss Guidelines and enhanced bereavement support for employees

8 Sept 2022

Today we have launched Diageo’s Pregnancy Loss Guidelines for employees. After an initial launch in the UK and Ireland, the guidelines are being rolled out globally across 34 markets - including India, Nigeria and Southern Europe with more markets to follow later in the year. The guidelines are inclusive of paid leave and apply to any employee who experiences this, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and length of service.

Through the launch of the guidelines, we hope to raise awareness and understanding of an area which is often poorly understood due to the silence surrounding it. The guidelines have been created to raise awareness on the various types of pregnancy loss, including the resources that are made available by Diageo to employees, and Line Managers.

"I’m pleased Diageo are introducing Pregnancy Loss Guidelines so employees feel supported during such a vulnerable time. Having experienced ectopic pregnancy, I had no knowledge of the short- and long-term effects both physically and emotionally, and would have benefited from having guidance to hand as it was a time where very little made sense."  

Diageo Employee

Globally, one in ten women experience a miscarriage in their lifetime. This highlights the importance and relevance of this topic as it is likely many people know someone who has experienced this. The Pregnancy Loss Guidelines were created alongside Diageo’s Spirited Women’s Network resource group and sit alongside a suite of support and guidance for our people that include guidelines focused on Gender Identity & Gender Expression, Menopause and Domestic & Family Abuse Guidelines.

At Diageo we want to foster an environment that is supportive to any employee, and we are committed to providing provision with compassion, sensitivity and flexibility during difficult times.

Therefore, we are also announcing today that we are increasing access to bereavement leave. In doing so, we aim to provide a starting point for all employees that experience the loss of a loved one and appreciate that grief is an individual experience.

Diageo employees who experience the loss of a child, spouse, partner or parent may have access to up to ten working days of discretionary paid bereavement leave, with employees also having access to up to five days for the loss of another family member, and a day for a close friend or non-family member.

By introducing these guidelines and enhancing the access to leave available under our Family Leave and Bereavement Leave policies, we want to provide employees with greater context, understanding and knowledge to compassionately navigate sensitive circumstances. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and can thrive.