Promote positive drinking


Our DRINKiQ programme aims to raise the 'collective drink IQ', increasing public awareness of the effects of alcohol, supporting responsible drinking and tackling the harmful use of alcohol such as binge drinking. It is an essential part of our Positive drinking strategy.

Information is a critical component of empowering consumers to make responsible choices – and DRINKiQ is one of our most important tools in promoting moderation and addressing harmful drinking. DRINKiQ is a dedicated responsible drinking online platform that provides facts about alcohol, the effects of drinking on the body and the mind, and the impact of harmful drinking on individuals and society.

In 2021 we transformed DRINKiQ with new content, design and interactive tools to redefine and improve the way we talk to people about drinking.

The new DRINKiQ aims to inspire consumers to take action – inviting them to drink better, not more and to shape a long-term positive change in their attitudes to alcohol. We use tools to frame people’s relationship with alcohol and empower them to achieve a balanced lifestyle. One key new element is the drinking self assessment tool, which aligns with the WHO’s AUDIT tool. ‘AUDIT’ stands for Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, which can help determine whether someone is at risk of problem drinking.

Our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ targets

  • Champion health literacy and tackle harm through DRINKiQ in every market where we live, work, source and sell