Why invest in Diageo?

Positioned to win

Diageo is the number one player in international spirits, which is growing, premiumising and gaining share of total beverage alcohol.1

And our iconic global brand Guinness, at the heart of our beer portfolio, is well positioned for the key growth trends within the category as a premium, flavourful beer.2

A large, growing and attractive industry

Total beverage alcohol (TBA) has a strong record of value growth over the last 10 years, with international spirits, where Diageo is the number one player, growing faster than TBA.3 In both developed and emerging markets, growth is underpinned by attractive consumer fundamentals, including population growth, increased spirits penetration and premiumisation.

An additional 600 million consumers are expected to come of age by 2032, and the continued growth of the ‘middle class and above’ income bracket should enable 600 million more consumers to access our brands.4 Spirits penetration remains low and even in our largest market, the United States, only around 50% of households purchase spirits every year.5

Premiumisation is a long-established trend, with the highest price tiers growing at more than double the international spirits category growth rate between 2016 and 2021.3 Diageo has the largest premium-plus business within international spirits3, and this segment now comprises over half of our reported net sales value. Our super-premium-plus portfolio, which focusses on the global luxury opportunity, grew 31% this year. While the current economic environment may create near-term volatility, we remain confident in continued premiumisation over the long term.

In beer, we have a differentiated and highly profitable business model, with exposure to attractive growth opportunities in both emerging and developed markets. Our iconic global brand, Guinness, is well positioned for the key growth trends within the beer category as a premium, flavourful and differentiated beer.

With only 4.6% of global TBA share,3 we believe we have significant headroom for sustainable, long-term growth, and our ambition is to outperform the market and increase our TBA value share to 6% by 2030.

With an advantaged portfolio and geographic footprint

We own over 200 brands, with sales in more than 180 countries, including a market-leading position in international spirits in the United States3 and fast-growing businesses in India and China. The breadth and depth of our portfolio across categories and price points, and our well-balanced position between developed and emerging markets, gives exposure to the largest consumer growth opportunities while providing some resilience to global volatility.

Our active and disciplined approach to portfolio management has shaped it towards higher-growth categories, including tequila, international whisky, scotch and gin. This has included acquisitions of premium-plus brands, such as Don Julio in 2015, Casamigos in 2017, Aviation American Gin in 2020 and 21Seeds flavoured tequila in 2022. And through our majority stake in Sichuan Swellfun Co., Ltd. (ShuiJingFang), we are the only international spirits player to compete in the large, growing and rapidly premiumising baijiu market. We’ve also made strategic disposals, including a portfolio of 19 brands in 2018; the Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia; and Picon in 2022. We also agreed to dispose of Windsor in Korea in 2022; and United Spirits Limited announced an agreement to sell and franchise a portfolio of brands in India.

World-class brand building and effective route to consumer

Our exceptional capabilities in brand building and innovation drive sustainable long-term growth of our brands. We combine our deep understanding of consumers with marketing creativity, and we execute with precision. This is underpinned by smart investment in marketing effectiveness tools, such as Catalyst, Demand Radar and Sensor.

Our ability to have the right product in the right place at the right time and at the right price, enables us to win with consumers. We’ve invested in transformational digital and data capabilities, including proprietary technology tools, to consistently deliver a customer-first mindset.

Our suite of ‘Every Day Great Execution’ (EDGE) technology tools, including EDGE365 and Diageo One, gives us deeper insights that enable us to improve our commercial execution and customer service.

We’re also building our e-commerce and direct-to-consumer capabilities, which further expand our sales reach to consumers. The strength of our on-trade customer relationships, enhanced through programmes such as Diageo Reserve World Class and Diageo Bar Academy, inspire and educate bartenders in the craft of mixology while supporting advocacy and quality serves of our brands.

Our route to consumer is a key competitive advantage, underpinned by a supply chain that is resilient, agile, efficient and sustainable. We manage diverse supply chains, from gins and beers to aged whiskies and tequilas, and we have a proven ability to respond at pace in complex and volatile environments.

Financial strength and a culture of efficiency

We expect to deliver organic net sales growth consistently in the range of 5% to 7%, and organic operating profit growth sustainably in the range of 6% to 9%, for fiscal 23 to fiscal 25. Sustainable top-line growth and productivity savings enable smart re-investment to drive long-term growth. These investments include expanding our production capacity, such as new whiskey distilleries in North America and China; adding new consumer experiences, including the Johnnie Walker Princes Street visitor experience in Edinburgh; and strengthening our digital capabilities.

We have a consistent and disciplined approach to capital allocation, prioritising investment in the business to deliver sustainable and efficient organic growth, and pursuing acquisitions that strengthen our exposure to attractive categories. Excess cash is returned to shareholders.

We have a track record of growing shareholder value, and have increased our full-year dividend per share every year since 2001, including during Covid-19. Over the last 20 years, our absolute dividend per share has increased 220% and, over the last five years, we have returned £7.9 billion to shareholders through share buybacks.

Highly engaged people and agile culture

Our people and culture are key enablers in delivering our Performance Ambition. Our culture connects our people. And their shared purpose and passion for our brands drives ownership of performance. This year, 90% of respondents to our Your Voice survey told us they are proud to work for Diageo.6

And a commitment to shaping a more sustainable future

Doing business in the right way is fundamental to our Performance Ambition. We want to create a positive impact on our company, within our communities and for our society. And we are delivering this through our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ ESG action plan. Our priorities in sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and promoting positive drinking reflect the most material issues affecting our company, our people, our brands, our suppliers and our communities. We strongly believe that our ESG ambitions are a source of commercial advantage and are fundamental to attracting and retaining the best talent, building deep consumer loyalty, increasing innovation, and driving efficiency and resilience across our operations.

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