Creating a truly sustainable business for the long term

We deliver our strategic priorities through a business model that leverages global and local expertise, has the consumer at its heart and puts our responsibilities to our stakeholders front and centre.

Since launching our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ ESG action plan, we've set out to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world, creating a positive impact in our company, with our communities and for our society.

What sets us apart

Our brand portfolio
and geographic footprint

We actively manage our leading brand portfolio to ensure we offer consumers a broad range of products across categories and price points. We have extensive operations in the United States and Europe, as well as leading positions in many of the regions that are expected to contribute most to medium- and long-term industry growth.

Our track record in innovation
and brand building

To recruit consumers, we innovate across centuries-old brands such as Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray and Guinness and develop, grow and acquire new brands such as Seedlip, Chase Distillery and 21Seeds. We use our archives in Scotland and Ireland, two of the largest and most comprehensive in the drinks industry, to provide a rich source of inspiration for our brands. Our creative expertise is enhanced through the use of data and tools, which we use to develop a deep understanding of our consumers and customers. We call this combination 'creativity with precision'.

Our relationships with the trade

Through Diageo Reserve World Class and Diageo Bar Academy programmes, we continue to build a network of relationships with bartenders, customers and distributors that provides us with a strong route to our consumers. 

Our expertise
in distillation and brewing

Our supply chain teams are the guardians of our brands’ quality and craftsmanship. Their skills and experience range from the craft of barrel-making and coppersmithing, to blending scotch, brewing premium beer, designing packaging and ensuring our complex modern supply operations are working to the highest standards.

Our business activities

Consumer insights

We continually evolve our data tools to understand consumers' attitudes and motivations. We convert this information into insights which enable us to respond with agility to our consumers' interests and preferences. 


We invest in world-class marketing to responsibly build vibrant brands that resonate with our consumers. We have a rigorous global Marketing Code and belong to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, working with peers to push for further consumer and brand safeguards.

Distilling and brewing

We distil, brew, bottle and distribute our spirits and beer brands through a globally co-ordinated supply operation, working to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Where it makes sense, we produce locally.


From smallholder farmers in Africa and Mexico to multinational companies, we work with our suppliers to procure high-quality raw materials and services, with environmental sustainability in mind. Where it is practicable, we source locally.


Using our deep understanding of trends and consumer socialising occasions, we focus on driving sustainable innovation that provides new products and experiences for consumers, whether they choose to drink alcohol or not.


We grow by working closely with our customers. Our global and local sales teams use our data, digital tools and insights to extend our sales reach, improve our execution and help generate value for us and for our customers. When our customers grow, we grow too.