Creating a truly sustainable business for the long term

We deliver our strategic priorities through a business model that leverages global and local expertise, has the consumer at its heart and puts our responsibilities to our stakeholders front and centre.

Since launching our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ ESG action plan, we have set out to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world, creating a positive impact in our company, and for our society.

Our business model

What sets us apart

World-class brand building

Our track record shows us to be experts in innovation and brand building. This is vital in order to first make the right products, and then be able to take those products to consumers and help them celebrate.

Supply chain efficiency

We are constantly striving for excellence across our supply chain, finding ways to improve across all components and sites, whether that’s research and development, brewing or packaging.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our inclusive, collaborative culture enables us to work together in a dynamic and agile manner, creating a vibrant workplace as well as delivering our Performance Ambition.

Smirnoff Orange Crush

Creating value

Our business model allows us to create value across four main areas:

  • Financial – for our investors
  • Human – for our people, suppliers, customers and consumers
  • Social – for our communities
  • Natural – for our environment