ESG Reporting Index

Our ESG Reporting Index aims to provide detailed information and disclosures about how we manage our most material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We use two ESG reporting frameworks: the GRI and SASB.

2023 ESG Reporting Index (2.5MB)

ESG Reporting Index

About the ESG Reporting Index

Our ESG Reporting Index supplements the information provided in our Annual Report by offering a broad range of ESG disclosures and detailed information about how we manage our most material issues.

How to use it

Reporting frameworks

We use two ESG reporting frameworks: the GRI and SASB. These frameworks allow us to provide information in a structured and consistent way, enabling our stakeholders to analyse our performance over time, and relative to other organisations.

The GRI Index

The GRI Index is a broad and comprehensive set of disclosures on organisational impacts that are relevant to a wide range of stakeholders, in line with the GRI framework. Some topics are material to our supplier sites and some to the countries where we make and sell our products.


SASB are sector-specific disclosures for alcohol beverage companies that are financially material to our business, in line with the SASB framework. To avoid duplication, this section of the ESG report cross-references widely to the GRI Index disclosures.

Non-financial reporting boundaries and methodologies

For each 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' target or goal, we provide the key performance indicator, definitions, scope, baseline and information on how we avoid double counting where relevant.

We track our non-financial performance measures internally on a monthly or quarterly basis. We have developed an integrated reporting system that consolidates ESG and financial performance data at market, regional and global levels, providing internal stakeholders with a clear view of progress, risks and opportunities.

Non-financial reporting is a rapidly evolving area. We are committed to continuous evaluation and improvement of our approach and we actively track emerging sustainability reporting regulations, ESG frameworks and standards.

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Independent assurance is a key part of our reporting approach. Again, this year, we engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) to provide limited assurance on some key ESG metrics.

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ESG Reporting Index

Our ESG Reporting Index provides additional disclosures in line with the GRI Standards Index and our response to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

ESG report

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Historical reports

In our Reporting Archive, you can access our historical reports about our ESG commitments and performance.

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Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' is our 10-year ESG action plan.

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Annual report

Our ESG Reporting Index complements the information in our integrated Annual Report.

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