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African Heritage Employees At Diageo Pan Asian Network Rainbow Network

Around the world we have a number of inclusive Business and Employee Resource Groups known as BRGs and ERGs. These influential groups, made up of our people, represent various viewpoints, experiences and communities who generate thought-provoking work to enhance our business and workplace, creating a sense of belonging and opportunities for all.

These groups support both leaders and future leaders to develop skills in communications, leadership effectiveness, team building and project management, all while building resilience and forming cross functional relationships. In addition to focusing on the needs of their communities, these groups have allies throughout the company, who support and champion their work.


Driving Change
Hear from our Employee Resource Groups that are driving change

Around the world, we support a variety of business and employee resource groups. These range from our growing women's networks to our African, Asian and Hispanic heritage groups and LGBTQIA+ networks. We believe everyone has a vital contribution to make to our story and we want all our people to feel part of it.

Watch a few of our group leaders sharing what makes them proud.

Every year our people come together to celebrate inclusion with a dedicated week. Known amongst the Diageo community as INC week, the ambition of this week is to unite and showcase the intersectionality of our employees with a range of topics, covering mindfulness, mental wellbeing, Black History Month, trans-inclusion and much more.

Our Business and Employee Resource Groups


African Heritage Employees at Diageo

Our African Heritage Employees at Diageo (A.H.E.A.D) network was established to acknowledge, value and highlight the contributions of all our African heritage employees across North America. The network offers a community structure and support system that promotes the recruitment, retention, and development of African heritage employees at Diageo, whilst nurturing a culture of respect and authenticity.

See the pivotal role A.H.E.A.D have played in Inclusion and Diversity in Diageo, especially across our North American business.

Build your Own Brand

Build Your Own Brand

A collective group of individuals interested in growing and strengthening our professional brand, the group exists to equip Diageo employees with meaningful tools to maximize their development journey and to strengthen their unique professional branding. Focussed on unlocking potential for growth and empowering members to make a significant impact on the business.



Conectados at Diageo is all about championing those who connect Diageo to the Latino consumer.


Green IQ

GreenIQ exists to educate and connect Diageo employees with a passion for sustainability to reduce their impact on the world and positively impact the communities in which we live, work, source, and sell.

Next Gen

Next Gen

Next Gen is an influential partner within Diageo by providing input in building brands that appeal to Millennials. The network helps to forge development opportunities to unlock the potential of the growing millennial work force at Diageo, accelerating our learnings and contributions.

Pan Asian

Pan Asian

Pan Asian fosters a community of employees who are part of or interested in Asian culture to educate, grow and drive business results.

Read more about our Asian Pacific American Heritage stories at Diageo.


PRISM is Diageo's Neurodiverse Employee Resource Group. 

We aim to create a sense of belonging for Neurodivergent (ND) people, family members of ND people, and allies at Diageo. We strive to be a disruptive voice for positive change.

Rainbow Network

Rainbow Network

Diageo’s Rainbow Network exists to ensure that the talents and contributions of all Diageo LGBTQIA+ employees are respected, valued and embraced. The network maintains both an internal and external focus, supporting one another in the workplace to foster an environment where all employees can bring their whole self to work, whilst also considering the connection, outreach and social impact that they can have within the broader community in which we operate. With 12 Rainbow networks worldwide, these range from groups across North America to the UK, Brazil to Amsterdam and South Africa to India this is a truly global network that strives to create the most open and inclusive culture both in, and beyond, Diageo.

Read how we celebrated Pride 2023 around the world


Diageo’s Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage (REACH) network was established in our London headquarters for our ethnically diverse employees and allies to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can be at their best.  REACH has since extended to the UK and Ireland with additional established chapters in Hungary and Brazil, the network aims to acknowledge, value, and celebrate the contributions of all our ethnically diverse employees.

Read more about one of REACH's co-founders Belinda Brown

Spirited Women

Our Spirited Women network was established to engage, retain and develop female employees at Diageo, providing them with a platform to thrive and an environment to flourish. With 14 Spirited Women groups worldwide across Diageo, all are working to create and strengthen connections through networks, inspire and motivate through sharing experiences whilst building ambition, supporting career planning and personal development as well as raising awareness and educating on a variety of health topics.

Learn more about our Menopause Guidelines which the Spirited Women’s Network played a key role in bringing together and launching at Diageo.

Veterans and Friends of Veterans

Veterans and Friends of Veterans

Veterans and Friends of Veterans works to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere within the company for the veteran community and those who intersect with the veteran community.

Learn more about the vital support our Veterans & Friends of Veterans network along with employees in North America, provided the Purple Bag Project where care packages were assembled for deployed military.

We Are Able

We Are Able

We Are All Able exists within Diageo to contribute to building a more inclusive organisation through the employment and development of people with a disability, and to drive the understanding of disability through education and training.

Find out more about the work being done by our team at our Shieldhall site in Scotland here

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