Board diversity

The Board has a long-standing commitment to prioritise diversity and supports the recommendations of the FTSE Women Leaders Review (previously the Hampton-Alexander Review) on gender diversity and the Parker Review on ethnic diversity.

In April 2020, the Board of Directors approved and adopted a Board Diversity Policy to promote a diverse and inclusive membership on the Board. The Policy sets out specific objectives with parity between male and female members of the Board being the ultimate goal in terms of gender diversity, with a commitment to have no less than 40% female representation on the Board and having at least one Director reflecting ethnic diversity as defined in accordance with the Parker Review.

The Board Diversity Policy also sets out the Board’s support for management’s actions to increase the proportion of senior leadership roles held by women and by people from minority backgrounds and other under-represented groups.

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As at 30 June 2023, diversity of the Board and Executive Committee (PDF 45KB)

Directors of colour are defined in accordance with the Parker Review definitions as those ‘who identify as or have evident heritage from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Central and South American regions’.

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