Diageo Celebrates our 'Rural Women' in Jalisco, Mexico

Diageo Celebrates our 'Rural Women' in Jalisco

18 Oct 2023

International Day of Rural Women is observed every year on October 15 to recognize the contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development.

The participation of women in the tequila manufacturing processes is increasingly gaining ground, and on Sunday we celebrated our group of women who work among the agaves in Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico.

Despite the tequila sector being stereotypically male-dominated, it is witnessing an increasing number of women involved in the production process, and today, 18 percent of the positions in Diageo’s tequila agriculture operations are occupied by women. Diageo is working hard to attract more women into tequila production, particularly in areas where they have been historically under-represented, like farming, engineering, and science. And when it comes to agriculture, we are proud to keep on increasing our female workforce in our tequila fields and production, every year.

Nurturing an inclusive and diverse culture is not only the right thing to do but drives better performance, and plays a significant role in our ambition to shape a more inclusive society.

We know that there is more to be done and will continue to work hard to attract women into roles that are stereotypically male-dominated. At Diageo, we are fully committed to championing female representation within our business and are proud of the talented women in our agave fields.

According to UN data, women make a significant contribution to global agricultural production, making up more than 40 percent of the agricultural labor force in developing countries, ranging from 20 percent in Latin America to 50 percent or more in parts of Africa and Asia.

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