Pride 2023 – how we celebrated around the world

14 Jul 2023

Celebrating Pride Month is an essential part of Diageo’s pledge to champion inclusion and diversity across everything we do. It provides us with an opportunity to showcase how we are nurturing a great place to work for LGBTQIA+ talent, as well as to discuss what more we can do to ensure everyone can be their authentic selves at work.

This year’s Pride saw Diageo host a variety of colorful celebrations across the globe. Take a look at a few images below:

Diageo Pride Office

Pride 2023 at Diageo kicked off with our annual Progress Pride flag-raising event. Led by the Supply-Chain & Procurement Rainbow Network, 78 sites from around the world took part. Here you can see the flag being raised by colleagues in Manila, the Philippines.

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“I have loved every second of working with my amazing colleagues in the Rainbow Network to bring Pride at Diageo to life. I’m personally very proud of the global Flag Raising event; it was a true spectacle and seeing each location raise their flag in their unique way emphasises the diversity of this company. Pride 2023 has been inspiring, but here’s to continuing this conversation throughout the year!”

Jack Quote Thumbnail
Jack Malcolmson

Co-Chair of the Supply Chain & Procurement Rainbow Network

We know there is more we can do

We are committed to making sure Diageo is a great place to work for LGBTQIA+ talent and that we support LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights year-round around the world. We champion the incredible work of our Rainbow Network, our resource group for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, who once again were instrumental in ensuring Pride Month this year was a true celebration.

Our policies, such as our Parental Leave policy, and our partnerships with organisations such as Queer Britain, are key to our continual commitment to improving our employee experience and society as a whole. We’re proud of our progress but we are learning every day, and we know there is more we can do.