The Distilled Series: 1 – Conscious Wellbeing and the rise of non-alc

The Distilled Series: 1 – Conscious Wellbeing and the rise of non-alc

26 Jan 2024

The path from Christmas into January is a well-trodden one – a time of festive celebrations shifting towards a period of reflection and resolutions with consumers seeking to moderate their eating and drinking habits.

For years this required a u-turn in shopping habits and behaviour. But this has evolved. Now the magic of moderation is embraced via a desire for an elevated drinking experience without the alcohol. In other words, still delivering great experiences with friends in bars or at home, but with premium non-alcohol options. Diageo has led the way with outstanding innovation in this space – from the development of Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcohol spirit to the launch of 0.0% versions of Tanqueray, Captain Morgan and Guinness which was crowned by Esquire as the ‘King of non-alcoholic beers’, helping consumers receive premium alternatives to some of their favourite products.

The growth of non-alc shouldn’t come as a surprise, with Diageo’s inaugural Foresight Report ‘Distilled’ highlighting the growing number of people placing greater emphasis on their health, a trend we titled ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ – consumers are re-thinking their approach to what makes them healthy and happy.

How this trend is showing up in conversations differs around the world. For example, people in Latin America and the Caribbean are increasingly seeking decelerated occasions, consumers in Asia Pacific are celebrating self-love, whilst in Africa mocktails show an increase of 94% in size of conversation versus the last year. However, society is increasingly recognising the need to prioritise holistic health, with consumers more than ever looking for ways to include socialising and celebration without sacrificing their wellbeing goals.

“People across the globe are viewing their health more holistically than ever before – spiritual, physical, mental, and social health. Moments of calm and relaxation have become sought-after treasures, with consumers often celebrating at slower paces. Although this ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ trend is nascent, it is growing fast, with consumers’ search for lower-tempo moments and self-appreciation playing a key role in the growth of non-alc.”

Alberto Quote Image
Alberto Romano

Global Consumer & Shopper Planning Collaboration Manager

And 0.0% is not just for (post) Christmas: it is clear from the insights that Distilled has provided, that non-alcohol brands will “play” all year long.

Much of the future growth for non-alcohol brands will be shaped around summer occasions. For example, over the last year in Italy Diageo was successful in positioning drinks made with Tanqueray 0.0% as core part of the perfect aperitivo occasion drink – recruiting consumers away from the likes of beer and wine.

As laid out within ‘Distilled’, ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ is a key trend that all brands need to focus on carefully in the coming years. Consumers across the world are increasingly recognising the significance of a holistic view of their health, and it’s essential that brands find their role within this growing consumer trend.

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