Don Julio and Casamigos: how quality drives our growth

5 Aug 2021
Don Julio Margarita cocktail

What does sustainable quality growth look like? One example is the success of our Don Julio and Casamigos tequila brands in the United States, where the tequila category is growing more than twice as fast as total spirits.1

While consumer interest in tequila continues to grow, our insights and brand building are delivering more – with our brands gaining year-on-year tequila category market share in the United States.2

At the heart of that growth is the fact that Don Julio and Casamigos are well positioned to capture the benefits from wider changes in consumer preferences. Consumers want higher quality products that stand out for authenticity, taste and cultural relevance – spurring demand for premium and luxury brands. At the same time, the appeal of tequila is broadening across generations and demographics, with a truly multi-cultural consumer base. And that increased demand is accompanied by a growing awareness of the many great ways in which tequila can be enjoyed – both in terms of serves and occasions. Don Julio, for example, is contributing to this growing understanding, through high-quality liquid and inclusive marketing that has cemented it as a brand for a wide consumer base and suited for special yet relaxed occasions, such as dinner with friends.

Don Julio 1942, our luxury añejo tequila, has become renowned for its quality. It has steadily built cultural cachet among celebrities, influencers and discerning tequila fans to become the most successful prestige and above spirits brand in the United States by volume and net sales value.3

The growth of Don Julio 1942 is just part of the wider progress of our tequila portfolio, which we believe has a clear runway for further sustained quality growth. As well as looking forward, we continue to recognise and support tequila’s deep roots in Mexican culture. Through initiatives such as the Tequila Don Julio fund, which celebrated Cinco de Mayo this year with a commitment of $1 million over the next four years, we are supporting approved charities whose missions help the restaurant and bar communities that have helped build Don Julio into the brand it is today.

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