Seychelles Breweries

We are the leading beverage company in the Seychelles, with a rich, diversified portfolio spanning beer, ready-to-drink, carbonated soft drinks and spirit categories.

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Seychelles Breweries


As the country's top beverage company, we're pushing the industry forwards and raising standards as we go. With every bottle we produce, we're committed to ensuring high quality and great taste, whether it's served on a remote beach, a bar in Victoria or straight from our bottling line.

We have highly trained Quality Control employees who constantly monitor our products throughout the entire production process, from raw materials to storage. We use premium natural ingredients and advanced filtering and cooling methods.

Mindful of the impact our industry has, we work hard to ensure alcohol is enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our social initiatives include our drink driving partnership with the Seychelles police and our work with the Seychelles Football Federation to support young people through grassroots programmes.

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Our brands

SeyBrew, our flagship brand, is the most popular beer in the Seychelles, and has been for many years. Alongside this, we also produce and bottle a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including Slow Turtle Cider and EKU, and import Diageo’s premium line of spirits such as Baileys and Ciroc.

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