Diageo publishes Gender Pay Gap Report for Great Britain and Scotland

Diageo publishes Gender Pay Gap Report for Great Britain and Scotland

28 Mar 2024

At Diageo, we are committed to nurturing the most inclusive and diverse culture, as well as shaping market-leading policies and practices because it is both the right thing to do and helps our business grow. This is integral to our purpose of “celebrating life, everyday, everywhere.”

We are therefore delighted to publish our seventh gender pay gap report for Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland.

Diageo Great Britain and Scotland combined:
  • 2023 median gender pay gap was -6.6% (2022: +4.3%)
  • 2023 mean gender pay gap was -12.9% (2022: 0.0%)
Diageo Great Britain
  • 2023 median gender pay gap was -2.0% (2022: -16.3%)
  • 2023 mean gender pay gap was +4.8% (2022: +4.8%)
Diageo Scotland:
  • 2023 median gender pay gap was +13.8% (2022: +10.6%)
  • 2023 mean gender pay gap was -1.3% (2022: +7.6%)

We can report that our combined median hourly pay gap has decreased from +4.3% in 2022 to -6.6% in favour of women in 2023. This is significantly below the current Office for National Statistics figure of +14.3% for businesses in the United Kingdom. Similarly, our mean hourly pay gap has also decreased from 0.0% last year to -12.9%.

In Great Britain, we are pleased to report that the number of female and male employees is the closest to 50/50 since reporting began (49.6% female, 50.4% male) and our median bonus pay is +4.2%, which is the lowest bonus gap since reporting began.

We have made significant strides to accelerate gender equality within our business. Not only is 73% of our board female (compared to 64% in 2022), but representation of women in our leadership, including our Executive Committee, remains strong at 44% (June 2023).

The publishing of this report follows recent recognition for its achievements as a leading company in gender equality. In the FTSE Women Leaders Review, we were named the top company for female representation at board level for the third year in a row and we were ranked 17th overall and 1st within our sector for female representation across leadership. Diageo ranked number two globally in the Equileap Global Report (March 2023), and number one in the UK. The report showcased Diageo as a leading company for gender equality, acknowledging our industry-leading Family Leave policy, high female representation across leadership positions, as well as our company’s transparency regarding our gender pay gap.

In the UK, Diageo was the joint-winner of the FTSE 100 Trailblazer Award at the 2023 Balance in Business Awards, which recognises companies that are leading the way through innovation, re-designing policies and levelling the playing field for women and men in the workplace. We’re proud of our progress, but change doesn’t happen overnight and we’re constantly learning and striving to do more.

*Diageo employs 4,623 people across the two legal entities in Great Britain covered by the regulations: Diageo Great Britain (1,350) and Diageo Scotland (3,273). We therefore report separately on each of these legal entities.


Great Britain and Scotland 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report