Serengeti Breweries commission historic water dam

1 Sept 2023

Water is our most important ingredient, but it’s also a precious shared resource which is coming under increasing pressure in many parts of the world. In our 10-year 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' ESG action plan for building a more inclusive and sustainable world, we’re committed to pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability, and our goal to preserve water for life is a vital part of this.

One of our latest projects has come from Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) in Tanzania, where we  commissioned a water supply dam in Handeni District Tanga Region, Tanzania, which will benefit over 2,000 residents of the coastal region. The construction of the water dam has been in partnership with WaterAid and will provide safe and clean drinking water to the community.

The dam has an annual water yield of 137,000 cubic meters, the approximate equivalent to over 53 Olympic swimming pools. The water will be used  for human consumption and in other economic activities including fishing and livestock. This is the 25th project SBL has implemented  across Tanzania in the past ten years,  benefitting several communities.

Speaking at the commissioning, Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Water, Eng. Mary Prisca Mahundi, commended SBL for its outstanding contribution to increasing water availability in water-stressed communities. The government has an ambition to increase the provision of clean and safe water in rural areas to 85% by 2025, the deputy minister said.

We also recently completed SBL’s first WASH programme, again in partnership with WaterAid. This will empower women to operate and manage water services, participate in community decision-making and  receive crucial education on water and smallholder farming related to Sorghum production. The initiative further enhances their income by covering water tariffs through the implementation of environmentally conscious income-generating activities to support water resources management and overall health improvement.

You can find out more about our work to preserve water here.

SBL Water Dam

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