Guinness receives accolades for design of latest innovations

20 Jul 2023

Last month, Guinness was awarded two of the most prestigious design awards for some of its latest innovation work; Nitrosurge and MicroDraught 2.0.

First up was the Red Dot award win, which saw Microdraught 2.0 take home another win - the second time this innovation has received the highly coveted award. The latest evolution of its ground-breaking, plug-and-play beer dispense technology, is specifically designed for trade outlets. The new technology brings together elements of the design from NITROSURGE to help deliver an effortless dispense system to the trade outlets.

After becoming the first-ever brand to win a Red Dot award for beer dispense and achieving three breakthrough special innovation prizes for Guinness Microdraught and Guinness Nitrosurge in 2022, this further recognition reinforces the brand’s relentless commitment to exploring exciting new innovations to help bring Guinness to more places and spaces.

A little later in the month, Guinness then won Gold at the DBA Awards for Nitrosurge. Described as a ‘game changer’ in bringing the magic of the famous stout to more spaces, places and people, Nitrosurge was commended for outperforming sales by over 5 times the target in year one.  The ground-breaking dispense system was created, leveraging low-energy ultrasonic technology to replicate the iconic two-part pub pour.

Although the pandemic acted as a catalyst for the invention, Guinness Nitrosurge launched across Ireland in September 2021, after pubs had reopened. Intuitive to use, elegant and effective, the innovation allowed consumers to experience the perfect pint at home.

Speaking on the awards, Steve Gilsenan, Guinness Global Head of Quality, said: “These innovations are the result of Guinness always looking to provide the best quality experience and bring a beautiful Guinness to every occasion. Despite being a 260-year-old brand built on tradition and its history, it is also a brand powered by innovation. The overwhelming success of both Nitrosurge and Microdraught have been incredible to see, and the Guinness Future Serve team are extremely proud to be awarded these two highly recognised awards for our latest innovations.”

Both awards are an internationally recognised seal of excellence when it comes to design.