EABL met with King Charles III on his visit to Kenya 

17 Nov 2023

EABL was invited to the roundtable to put forward our suggestions on where the challenges and opportunities are to help us all reach a more sustainable future. Our African business is unjustly on the front line of climate change impacts, and it takes collaboration across business, governments and society to make sure we’re all mitigating and building resilience where possible. We also believe that building resilience brings opportunities: economic growth and job creation, community empowerment and preservation of our ecosystems.

EABL was also one of five companies selected to present our sustainability progress to the King, in recognition of our ongoing work and thought leadership in this space. Our recent sustainability work in the region includes:

  • Investing in biomass boilers across Kenya and Uganda which have reduced our carbon emissions by 55.6% comparatively in F23.
  • Our biomass boilers are fueled by agricultural waste. This widens our supply chain to build wider community resilience by creating over 900 direct and indirect jobs, whilst reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to provide energy security along with a reduction in emissions.
  • The use of renewable energy across Africa in our operations grew from 26% in F22 to 65% in F23. This is through our biomass boilers and the installation of solar panels at our Kisumu site.

In his remarks on the reception, Rt. Hon. James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, singled out Diageo, applauding it for its exemplary and unique implementation of sustainability initiatives in Kenya.


Jane Karuku, CEO of EABL commented: “Our sustainability strategy, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress, is deeply ingrained in our long-term business strategy and I was happy to have had an opportunity to showcase our unique activities to King Charles III, and other guests who attended the event. We continue to leverage partnerships with our peers, the government, the international community and development organizations as we accelerate to a just and sustainable future. With this approach, I believe that we will continue to be a force for good and deepen positive impact on people and the planet everywhere we live, work, source and sell.”