Diageo Introduces Global Domestic & Family Abuse Guidelines

Diageo Introduces Global Domestic & Family Abuse Guidelines

29 Nov 2021

Today we have launched Diageo’s Domestic & Family Abuse Guidelines. The guidelines are initially being rolled out globally across 14 markets - including the UK, Ireland, India, North America, EABL and Southern Europe - and apply to all employees at Diageo regardless of role or length of service.

Through the launch of these guidelines we outline Diageo’s zero tolerance approach for all forms of domestic and family abuse, whether linked to alcohol or not, while providing practical guidance to employees and line managers on where to go for expert and confidential support.

“Domestic & Family Abuse can have a devastating impact on the personal and professional lives of those who experience it. At Diageo we firmly believe that abuse, of any form, is a violation of fundamental human rights, irrespective of where it occurs. These new guidelines set out how we can all foster a working environment that promotes safety and is flexible, respectful and supportive of those employees experiencing domestic or family abuse. We want to be here for them and provide a safe and inclusive culture, where all our people feel valued and can thrive.”

Mairéad Nayager

Chief HR Officer

At Diageo we want to foster an environment that is supportive to any employee experiencing domestic and family abuse, so that they can feel safe to seek help.  The workplace can be a place of refuge for employees, and we recognise that the physical, psychological, and financial effects of Domestic & Family Abuse are overwhelming for those experiencing it, and for their close family, friends and colleagues.

The guidelines have been designed to demonstrate our understanding of Domestic & Family Abuse as a human rights issue, a health and safety issue and a workplace productivity issue, and our approach combines both practical workplace support and greater flexibility.

We have centred our approach against four key pillars of action that we should all keep in mind:

  1. Raise awareness – we will recognise and build awareness of Domestic & Family Abuse at both an individual employee and community level
  2. Reach out – we will support and encourage impacted employees to report any concerns
  3. React – we will respond appropriately to disclosure by employees and provide appropriate employer support
  4. Refer – we will refer employees to resources to provide appropriate help

Diageo employees experiencing domestic and family abuse may have access to up to 10 days of discretionary and confidential paid Domestic & Family Abuse Leave each 12-month period. This will help employees undertake important activities such as attending or preparing for court proceedings, relocating, seeking medical support, or securing a home from the perpetrator and other activities resulting from domestic & family abuse or as required by local law.

“At Diageo we are committed to championing inclusion & diversity – creating a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace. We want anyone experiencing domestic or family abuse to know they are heard and are not alone. The fear that Domestic and Family abuse leads to, can mean that as many as 60% of cases go unreported. It also leads to loneliness and stigma. With these guidelines we hope to provide provision and support, while also advocating for the end to any form of abuse.”

Dan Mobley

Global Corporate Relations Director

The guidelines have been created by a global working group, and in partnership with guidance from CARE International, who have brought personal experiences, alongside best practice theory and external peer and partner company thinking together. 

The Domestic & Family Abuse Guidelines are part of Diageo’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive culture, where our people feel valued and can thrive, allowing them to be their best – both at home and at work. These guidelines also complement and will be used in conjunction with policies and guidelines including our Global Dignity at Work Policy, our Global Human Rights Policy, and our Wellbeing Philosophy.