Diageo Europe, Global Brand Teams, Global Travel & Brand Homes Supplier and Agency Awards 2021

Diageo Europe, Global Brand Teams, Global Travel & Brand Homes Supplier and Agency Awards 2021

7 Oct 2021

“We deeply value the service and support our supplier and agency partners provide to our business. They are critical partners to our success across all aspects of our business from grain to glass and it was great to be able to celebrate them through the virtual ceremony. Going forward, our annual awards will be an opportunity to recognise the important role our suppliers and agencies have played during the previous year.” Vicky Warren, Head of Procurement – Europe


In their inaugural year, the awards were given to 13 partners in eleven categories, each representing specific supply and demand criteria that positively impacted Diageo’s success in the past year and demonstrated strong commitment to our business.

Below are the categories and winners for Diageo Europe’s 2021 Supplier & Agency Awards:


Supplier or Agency of the Year:



Special Mention Award



Sustainability Award:



Mangrove Consulting


Diversity Award

APR Europe Ltd


Value Creation:

VML London Ltd


Breakthrough Performance:



Breakthrough Collaboration:

Wilson Hartnell Pr


Service Excellence:

Mkf Property Services


Quality Excellence:

Bulletproof INC


Innovation Excellence:

Türkiye Şişe Ve Cam Fabrikalari A.Ş.


Resilience Award


Category Descriptions:

Supplier of the Year - This supplier or agency partner has exhibited stellar performance and bold execution along with being a true partner to our business. Diageo has an ambition to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world, and this supplier or agency has played a crucial role in supporting this goal. This supplier or agency’s collaboration and proactive approach has driven value for Diageo as a world class organization by providing superior collaboration, value, innovation, quality, service and performance, showcasing the delivery of outstanding results.

Sustainability - This supplier or agency partner has most embraced the Diageo Spirit of Progress sustainability agenda. This supplier or agency has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable water and carbon emission control practices and are driving Diageo forwards closer to our 2030 goals. This supplier or agency demonstrates a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment (circular economy).

Diversity Excellence:  This supplier or agency partner is a diverse enterprise that has exemplified outstanding performance in execution and value creation. These partners have demonstrated flexibility to align with continuously changing requirements and exemplifies Diageo's mission to expand opportunities for diverse supplier enterprises.

Value Creation – This supplier or agency partner has demonstrated the deepest commitment to our drive to create brand and business value, achieving outstanding business results. This has been delivered through fostering our continuous improvement culture, building brand & business growth opportunities or driving year over year cost reductions to fuel our business. This supplier or agency supports Diageo in creating and maintaining value in our everyday business environment through solid performance, understanding of business needs and dedication to driving joint outcomes.

Breakthrough Supplier or Agency Performance – This supplier or agency partner has successfully overcome challenging circumstances or performance goals, delivering outstanding and measurable service, quality and value.

Breakthrough Collaboration- This supplier or agency partner has demonstrated a deep commitment to proactively identifying breakthrough opportunities and risks in collaboration with key stakeholders across the business. This supplier or agency’s transparent nature and excellent communication style has fostered an environment of excellence of cross-network teamwork.

Service Excellence – This supplier or agency partner has exceeded expectations in flexibility and responsiveness to enable changing business requirements. This has been seen through effective communication and a strong understanding of Diageo business needs.

Quality Excellence – This supplier or agency partner has demonstrated outstanding quality of the goods/services/campaign assets that it has provided Diageo. Diageo has a goal of becoming the best performing consumer goods company in the world, and this supplier or agency has made every effort to support this goal not only by providing quality goods/services/campaign assets, but also by identifying opportunities for process improvement and efficiency.

Innovation Excellence – This supplier or agency partner has demonstrated brilliant campaign development and / or supply chain execution with new Diageo innovations and product offerings. This supplier or agency has worked in partnership with Diageo on these projects and is committed to breakthrough performance and speed to market despite what can be demanding timelines and fluctuation in requirements. 

Resilience award - This supplier or agency partner has demonstrated the highest resilience through COVID-19. This supplier or agency has adapted with speed and agility, bringing innovative solutions to challenges caused by the dynamic environment we are operating in. The supplier or agency has a robust Business Continuity Plan in place and has demonstrated its implementation and execution to support Diageo brand and business operations.