Baileys launches global Halloween advertising campaign “Witches”

Baileys launches global Halloween advertising campaign “Witches”

22 Oct 2021

Baileys has unveiled its new global advertising campaign to propel the famous liquor into the adult treating space this Halloween. Launching this month in more than 10 countries, the 20-second advert follows three witches come together to make a deliciously wicked Baileys S’Mores Martini Cocktail when their plans are thwarted by the weather.

Featuring three of the UK’s biggest drag queens, Tia Kofi, Veronica Green and Asia Thorne, the campaign provides the ultimate taste of Halloween indulgence as adults increasingly get involved in the festivities.

Witches is a celebration of how everyone loves to treat, its spans generations, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities and brings people together. During the development of the campaign, the team partnered with Diageo’s LGBTQ+ employee group, the Rainbow Network, and INvolve, a global consultancy championing diversity and inclusion in businesses. Throughout the entire creative process, collaboration was key at each stage, working with the cast, The Rainbow Network and INvolve to ensure the final advert and overarching message was an authentic representation of drag, within the context of the wider LGBTQ+ community.

“Baileys is the ultimate adult treat and what better time to indulge than at Halloween. The creation of Witches was a collaboration from start to finish from the development of the idea right through to the publications and platforms where you will see the campaign. We hope it inspires you to celebrate this year with a delicious adult treat!” Paul Carton, Global Content Creation Director at Baileys

“It’s been a privilege to partner with Baileys on Witches and see the LGBTQ+ community at the heart of a new global campaign. Involving employees and external experts who identify with the concept and characters helps to ensure authenticity and I hope this paves the way for other brands to work in this way.”Conor Brown, Chair of the London Rainbow Network at Diageo

“We are proud to align with Diageo’s progressive goals to be a driving force in creating more equally representative and inclusive marketing practices and this has been an extremely exciting campaign for PHD to be a part of. This brief has enabled us to expand and look beyond our core media planning approaches for Baileys and ensure we’re specifically reaching and championing LGBTQ+ audiences, both through specialist media owners as well as mainstream partners.” Sarah Harte, Media Director at PHD

At Diageo, more than 2,000 marketers and agencies across the world are trained on our Progressive Portrayal framework which was developed to break down stereotypes in advertising for gender, race, sexuality and age. Our brands play a vital role in pushing boundaries and we are committed to using our creative and media spend to support progressive voices across the media and advertising world as part of our 2030 Spirit of Progress Action Plan. We have also committed to a multi-million-pound global investment over the next two years to media platforms and publishers who are working to make mainstream media more diverse and inclusive.