Diageo celebrates inclusion and diversity globally with its 4th INC Week

Diageo celebrates inclusion and diversity globally with its 4th INC Week

13 Oct 2020

Diageo’s fourth annual INC Week celebration was a more global celebration this year than ever before. With more markets participating, more employee resource groups contributing to the agenda, and a broad range of topics discussed – from black history month, to trans rights, disability, mental health and more – INC Week was a vibrant expression of Diageo’s inclusion and diversity agenda.

INC is an employee led, grassroots movement encouraging Diageo people around the world to champion inclusion, celebrate diversity, have open conversations, and step out of their comfort zone. INC is coordinated by a small group of passionate and diverse employees and is supported by employee resource groups (ERGs) across the world.

INC virtual events were held in Great Britain, North America, the Netherlands, Ireland, India, Hungary and countries across Northern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and in our Supply Chain business, with different sessions broadcast both locally and globally.

Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive, and Louise Prashad,

In addition to hearing from some of our leaders and colleagues, INC Week welcomed a host of inspirational external speakers to address key topics and discuss their personal experiences. These included Leinster Rugby star players Linda Djougang, Adam Byrne and James Lowe, who shared their thoughts on the topic of inclusion and diversity in Ireland, as well as cultural and linguistic anthropologist Dr Nikki Lane who focused on demystifying racism. We also heard several speakers participate in an open and moving discussion on their experiences of raising transgender children or being transgender themselves.

“This is an enormous opportunity for us to drive inclusivity to the next level,” commented Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive, during INC Week’s opening session. “I want to see us drive change not only within our 28,000 people at Diageo, but also with our customers and suppliers, right across our value chain. I want our brands to have a hugely progressive voice. This is our company, our culture, and each one of our actions make a difference to Diageo.”

As INC Week drew to a close, its global leads reflected on the event’s significance at Diageo: “we want to build a culture where everyone feels as though they can bring their authentic self to work,” commented Charlotte Harris. “Through celebrating diversity in all its forms, we get an insight into what unites us as colleagues – the fact that each one of us has our own individual story to tell.”

“This year we’ve held events on mental health, race, trans inclusion, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and so much more,” added Joshua Steele. “The response from attendees has been incredible and the passion of the team behind INC Week is unmatched.”

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