2020 sustainability and responsibility achievements

Our 2020 targets built and expanded on the foundations laid by our previous 2015 targets. They also helped form our latest 10-year ESG action plan, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress.

We set ourselves ambitious targets to be reached by 2020 and committed to measuring and reporting on our progress in a transparent and meaningful way. Our targets were aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and support the World Health Organization's programmes on health.

Our goals reflected the holistic way we measure and evaluate our responsibility and sustainability efforts, focusing on impact, not only within our own business, but also within the communities in which we operate. We also understood the importance of working in partnership to create true scale for our many programmes and initiatives around the world.

Performance against our social targets

Positive drinking*





Educate 5 million young people, parents and teachers about the dangers of underage drinking


1 million educated



Collect 50 million pledges never to drink and drive through #JoinThePact


25.3 million pledges collected



Reach 200 million people with moderation messages from our brands


229.2 million people reached


*At the end of 2020, our 2025 Positive drinking targets were superseded by our Society 2030: spirit of Progress Positive drinking targets.


Inclusion and diversity





Build diversity, with 35% of leadership positions held by women by 2020 (40% by 2025) and measures implemented to help female employees


39% of leadership positions held by women

Our people



Increase employee engagement to 80%, becoming a top quartile performer on measures such as employee satisfaction, pride and loyalty

Employee satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and pride, measured through the Your Voice survey(i)

Inclusive communities



Our community programmes enable those who live and work in our communities, particularly women, to have the skills and resources to build a better future for themselves. We will evaluate and report on the tangible impacts of our programmes

6,600 people reached through skills and empowerment programmes.

250,000 people reached through community water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes.

35,000 Number women empowered by our programmes

(i) In 2020 we were unable to conduct an annual Your Voice survey due to Covid 19. In its place we used a pulse survey tool to help us measure engagement, listen to employee feedback and learn from their experience of working during the pandemic. The survey had a response rate of 74%, with 91% reporting that they were ‘proud to work at Diageo’ and 86% confirming they would ‘recommend Diageo as a great place to work’.

Sustainable supply chains




Deliver our responsible sourcing commitments with suppliers to improve labour standards and human rights in our supply chains

82% of potential high-risk supplier sites audited

Source 80% of our agricultural raw materials locally in Africa by 2020

79% of agricultural raw materials sourced locally in Africa

Establish partnerships with farmers to develop sustainable agricultural supplies of key raw materials

78,600 smallholder farmers supported

Performance against our environmental targets

Water stewardship






Reduce water use through a 50% improvement in water use efficiency


2.1%Δ 2020

46.0% Cumulative



Return 100% of wastewater from our operations to the environment safely

6.8%Δ 2020

46.4% Cumulative


Replenish the amount of water used in our final product in water stressed areas



39.5% 2020

116% Cumulative





Reduce absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from direct operations by 50%


8.7%Δ 2020

50.1% Cumulative



Achieve a 30% reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions along the total supply chain


5.5% 2020

33.7% Cumulative


Ensure all our new refrigeration equipment in trade is HFC-free, with a reduction in associated greenhouse gas emissions from 2015

100% 2020

99.5% Cumulative




Achieve zero waste to landfill

39.0%Δ 2020

98.2% Cumulative




Reduce total packaging weight by 15%

0.4% 2020

11.2% Cumulative


Increase recycled content to 45%

5.3% 2020

45.8% Cumulative


Ensure 100% of packaging recyclable

0.8% 2020

99.5% Cumulative

Our packaging (plastic) targets



Achieve 40% average recycled content in all plastic bottles (and 100% by 2030)


2.5% 2020

2.5% Cumulative


Ensure 100% of our plastics will be designed to be recyclable, reusable or compostable in countries where we operate

4.3% 2020

85.3% Cumulative

Doing business the right way


Human rights


Act in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, by carrying out HRIAs in all markets

17 of 21 markets On track until Covid-19; target extended to December 2021

Health and safety


Keep our people safe by achieving less than one lost-time accident (LTA) per 1,000 employees and no fatalities

0.60Δ LTAs per 1,000 employees

Keep our people safe by achieving no fatalities

1 work-related fatality

Society 2030
in action

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