Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan

‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ is our global programme to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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Responding to the issues that matter

‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ addresses the most material issues facing our company, people, brands, suppliers and communities. It has three priorities at its heart: to promote positive drinking, champion inclusion and diversity and pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability. Doing business the right way underpins everything we do.

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25 ambitious targets

We have set 25 targets across a range of ESG issues and mapped them to the objectives and timeline of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The targets build on our long track record of sustainability and responsibility achievements.

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Our ‘Society 2030:
Spirit of Progress’ priorities

Promote Positive Drinking

Promote positive drinking

We want to change the way the world drinks for the better.

This is why we promote moderate drinking and invest in education programmes to discourage the harmful use of alcohol.

Champion Inclusion And Diversity

Champion inclusion and diversity

Championing inclusion and diversity is at the heart of what we do, and is crucial to our purpose of ‘celebrating life, every day, everywhere’.

Not only is it the right thing to do, as it means we play a part in shaping a more equitable society, it also makes us a better business.

Society 2030 diagram

Pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability

    We have long been committed to preserving the natural resources on which we all depend.

    Our targets reflect the complexity of the risks and opportunities we face and are mapped to our most material issues: water, carbon, the sustainability of our packaging and agriculture.

    How we are pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability

    Preserve Water For Life Min

    Preserve water for life

    Water stewardship has been a longstanding priority for us and we are focused on preserving this critical resource, particularly in water-stressed areas.

    Accelerate To Low Carbon World Min

    Accelerating to a low-carbon world

    The planet needs significant science-based action to create a sustainable, low-carbon future and to mitigate the risk from climate change. We aim to reach net zero across our direct operations by 2030.

    Become Sustainable By Design Min

    Become sustainable by design

    We're committed to becoming sustainable by design. This includes:

    • Making packaging more sustainable and eliminating waste from our value chain
    • Work with farmers to implement, assess and scale regenerative agricultural practices
    Society 2030 diagram

    Doing business the right way

    We want to do business in the right way every day, everywhere. This is about making sure our people and suppliers are demonstrating integrity, living our values, and behaving in an ethical way that underpins our Code of Business Conduct.

    Doing business the right way

    "We have a track record of setting ambitious targets and our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan is no different. The power of the ambition has a mobilising effect on our people and is a catalyst for innovation."

    Ewan Andrew
    President, Global Supply Chain and Procurement and Chief Sustainability Officer


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    Our Society 2030 targets

    Our targets are mapped against the objectives and timeline of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Society 2030 Targets And Performance Min

    2020 achievements

    Our 2020 targets focused on promoting positive drinking, building thriving communities and reducing our environmental impact.

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