Diageo arms one million adults around the world with the knowledge to champion responsible drinking

1 Sept 2017 | Press release

1 September 2017: Diageo has reached its 2020 sustainability and responsibility target of training one million responsible drinking ambassadors around the world, three years ahead of its goal.

One million adults now have the knowledge they need to champion responsible drinking - with friends, family and colleagues - supporting Diageo’s ongoing commitment to provide consumers with the information and tools to make positive decisions about drinking, or choosing not to drink.

The target has been reached through impactful Diageo training programmes, with over 466,000 adults taking part in DRINKiQ training. With the launch of a new DRINKiQ e-learning tool earlier this year, the first of its kind within the alcohol industry, Diageo has increasingly made knowledge about alcohol more accessible, allowing anyone, anywhere to complete the training online or on their mobile phone through interactive learning. DRINKiQ training has also been face-to-face with members of the Ministry of Health in countries including Peru and law enforcement officials and taxi drivers in countries including Thailand.

From Ireland to Africa and beyond, Diageo’s network of responsible drinking ambassadors, is truly global. Since opening last year, a bespoke interactive DRINKiQ platform at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin has engaged over 261,000 people on the facts about alcohol to educate and empower visitors to make informed decisions when choosing to drink or not to drink. More than 346,000 people from the bartender and hospitality industry have also completed Diageo’s Bar Academy training on serving responsibly.


Carolyn Panzer, Director of Alcohol in Society, Diageo commented: “It feels great to be three years ahead of our target to reach one million people through our responsible drinking training programme.

“Each one of those people trained is equipped with information and resources that can add to the pleasure of moderate, responsible drinking for those who to drink and potentially reduce harmful drinking. We will accelerate our momentum and continue to expand our network of champions.”

Diageo has also reported strong progress against its sustainability and responsibility targets with the publication of its 2017 Annual Report, which integrates its performance in this area alongside financial reporting. Key sustainability and responsibility achievements in the last financial year from the report include:

  • Reporting good progress against all key 2020 environmental targets
  • Over 121,000 young people participating in Learning for Life, our vocational and life-skills training programme, since launch in 2008 - with more than 70% gaining permanent jobs
  • Ranking 5th out of more than 5,500 listed companies in the Thomson Reuters Ix Global Diversity And Inclusion Index
  • Publishing environmental footprints for five of our global brands to give consumers key information on the brands carbon and water impacts
  • Publication of supplementary guideline on plastics in recognition of the increasing concern about the impact of plastics on the environment
  • To date Plan W has empowered more than 300,000 women and reached more than 1.7 million people.
  • Launch of five year strategic partnership with Care International

For more information and to view Diageo’s integrated Annual Report, please visit www.diageo.com.