​​Raise a dram for the inaugural International Scotch Day! ​

​The global celebration of Scotch Whisky takes place this Friday.


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Scotch Whisky is one of the most important spirits in Diageo’s portfolio with 33 million cases of the liquid exported globally each year.

To honour a spirit that has long drawn people in through its status and style, this Friday, 10th February 2017, the inaugural International Scotch Day will be celebrated worldwide.

The celebrations have been held to coincide with a momentous day in the Scotch calendar: the 180th birthday of Alexander Walker. Alexander was the son of John ‘Johnnie’ Walker, and not only a pioneering blender, but was also the man responsible for introducing the famous Johnnie Walker square bottle and slanting label, now an icon for Scotch Whisky all over the world.

International Scotch Day will invite people everywhere to raise a dram in celebration of a drink that’s made to be enjoyed with good company, wherever and whenever. Celebrations will honour Scotch's heritage, authenticity and quality as well as shining a light on continuing innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry, adding a new cultural moment and occasion to the calendar to continue to drive and evolve Scotch’s future.

Official celebrations will take place all over the world, with world renowned supermodel Coco Rocha and actress Freida Pinto fronting proceedings and hosting exclusive celebrations in Mexico City and Mumbai respectively.

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Join the movement and get involved by using #LoveScotch and #InternationalScotchDay.

For more information and photos from the day visit:

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