Become sustainable by design

We all have a responsibility to restore the natural world on which life depends. We’ll do our bit by eliminating waste from our value chain and developing solutions to reuse materials, collaborating with farmers to regenerate landscapes, and creating innovative solutions to grow sustainably.

We’ve made big strides reducing our environmental impact but won’t stop until we’ve reduced it everywhere we can: reducing packaging; increasing recycled content and resource reuse; and eliminating all waste.

Through our products and processes, we will design the change we know our industry needs and the world wants. We will develop and grow innovative partnerships through our Diageo Sustainable Solutions programme, and scale these through bold collaboration with customers, suppliers, NGOs, research institutions, entrepreneurs and governments to help create a truly circular economy.

We will restore the resources we all rely on back to health, by supporting 150,000 smallholder farmers, training them on regenerative agriculture and designing programmes that help restore degraded landscapes. We will roll these out through our global sustainable agriculture partnerships across Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe.

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