Management and governance

We know the importance to our business of creating shared value and acting responsibly. That's why we have put structures in place to ensure we can succesfully implement our strategy and support our teams in markets around the world.

Man working on Copper

Our sustainability strategy has been endorsed at the highest level in our business and is being embedded into all our operations.

Our CEO, Ivan Menezes, and the Executive Committee are ultimately accountable for performance against our sustainability goals.

At the local/market level, where much of our sustainability work takes place, our regional presidents and general managers have frontline responsibility. They are supported by our Global Sustainability Director and team.

The markets are also supported by Executive Committee members representing global functions. These are outlined in the table below.

Title Area(s) of accountability
Corporate Relations Director
  • Overall sustainability and responsibility strategy
  • Positive drinking
  • Inclusive communities
Chief Marketing Officer
  • Positive drinking (responsible marketing and branded responsible drinking campaigns)
  • Community empowerment (brand campaigns)
  • Customer partnerships
President, Global Supply
  • Water and the environment
  • Our people (safety)
  • Sustainable supply chains (responsible sourcing and sustainable agriculture)
Human Resources Director
  • Our people
Chief Financial Officer
  • Governance and ethics

Monitoring the strategy

General managers monitor performance in their local market on a routine basis. The Executive Committee meets to discuss global strategy, performance, policies and risks twice a year. The Board of Directors signs off any changes to our sustainability strategy at our annual Strategy Conference.