Building an inclusive hospitality sector

We want to create opportunities for people around the world to overcome barriers, boost their skills and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Investing in the communities in which we and our people live, work, source and sell, will empower them, increase their access to opportunities and help build thriving communities.

We aim to promote sustainable growth through inclusive programmes that provide equal access for all to resources, skills and employment opportunities.

Learning for Life

Learning for Life is Diageo’s flagship business and hospitality skills programme for those seeking employment in the hospitality industry, but who may have faced barriers to employment in their lives. The programme provides equal access to business and hospitality skills and resources to increase participants’ employability, improve livelihoods and support a thriving hospitality sector that works for all. In partnership with local educational, governmental, and training organisations, Learning for Life supports the growth of the individuals involved, and the hospitality industry overall, whilst contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5 and 8.

Diageo Bar Academy

Another one of our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' goals is to provide 1.5 million training sessions through the Diageo Bar Academy, delivering skills and resources to help build a thriving hospitality sector.

Our training programme offers physical training and online learning to educate, inspire and inform staff and venue owners. The resources available include training and education, bar news, cocktail trends, drinks inspiration, and a global network of experts and insights from some of the industry's leading influencers and bartenders.

Raising the bar

In June 2020, we announced our two-year global programme to support bars and pubs welcome back consumers and recover from the pandemic, known as ‘Raising the Bar’.

We have committed $100 million to support the recovery of hospitality venues around the world, from London to Sydney and Dublin to Bangalore.

We developed the programme following a global survey of bar owners to find out what they needed to help them re-open safely. This included providing hygiene measures, helping pubs and bars establish partnerships with online reservations and cashless systems, and providing mobile bars and outdoor equipment.

Our support will go beyond the recent challenges faced by our partners in hospitality. In the United States, for example, Raising the Bar is supporting 25 Historically Black Colleges and Universities with $10 million lifetime endowments for scholarships and grant programmes.

Our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ targets

  • Provide business and hospitality skills to 200,000 people, increasing employability and improving livelihoods through Learning for Life (L4L) and our other skills programmes
  • Through the Diageo Bar Academy we will deliver 1.5 million training sessions providing skills and resources to help build a thriving hospitality sector that works for all