Water in our operations

Water is essential to our production processes and used widely throughout our value chain. Over 90% of beer and 60% of spirits is water. We also use water to clean, cool, lubricate, convey, heat, pasteurise, germinate and steep.

Water treatment technology at one of our facilities in Kenya

In our operations we will build on recent achievements to improve water-use efficiency through continuous improvement, operational efficiency projects and cultural change, aimed at conserving wherever possible. We will also continue to invest in water recycling and reuse, prioritising sites in water-stressed areas.

Water quality is equally important to us – and demands a context-based approach so we will apply a new Diageo Water Stewardship Standard, exploring opportunities to use co-products and implementing nature-based solutions to minimise our environmental impact.

Our 2030 targets for water in our operations include:

  • 30% improvement in water use efficiency globally and 40% in water stressed areas
  • All sites return wastewater safely and meet Diageo Water Stewardship Standard
  • All our sites in our 12 priority water basins are certified to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard.