Whisky and Water - Conservation in Canada

Case study

New equipment at our distillery in Valleyfield, Canada, is saving precious water.

Water is a precious and valuable resource, not just to us but to our neighbours and the environment, so we aim to improve the efficiency of our water use wherever we can. One important way to do this is by reducing the overall amount of water we use, as we have through an investment at our Valleyfield distillery in Quebec.

Valleyfield Diageo Office

At Valleyfield, where we distil and bottle for a range of Diageo products, we installed surface condensers in February 2014. These condensers save 500,000 cubic metres of water per year - 40% of the total we use at the site, and 2% of Diageo's total water use worldwide.

As with many other sustainability initiatives, a project which meets its primary aim can also have other benefits. At Valleyfield, because we're using less water, we expect to reduce the amount of energy we use to transport and discharge it, which will reduce carbon emissions and costs as well.

Across Diageo, we have set ourselves the target of improving water efficiency in our operations by 30% compared to a baseline of 2007, and this initiative is making an important contribution to that effort.