Meet a Diageo future leader

Case study

Effie Thiong'o has just returned from 18 months as a marketer in New York to be promoted to a role as Senior Innovation Manager for our EABL business in Kenya.

That's because Effie's a 'future leader'.

She is one of the first graduates of our Future Leaders Programme (FLP), which is designed to find and develop the people who will lead our business to success in the future. The programme aims to build a global talent pipeline, accelerating the development of people in the early stages of their careers at Diageo, and ensuring that our senior leadership continues to be diverse and international.

Effie worked in brand management for our EABL business in Kenya when she joined the first FLP cohort in 2013, embarking on a three-part programme which included a foundation stage, her 18-month international assignment, and a transition stage back in her home market.

As befits a future leader, Effie has an aspirational personal purpose: ‘to inspire a new crop of women leaders in Africa, and help them realise their potential – to soar to greatness, aspire to conquer unapologetically, and support each other unreservedly.’

Effie Thiong