Learning for Life graduates receive World Class bartending experience in Mexico City

Case study

Learning for Life graduates 2017 World Class

Our company is built on the principles laid down by the giants of the industry – people who understood that our business thrives when others thrive too. That’s why our community programmes enable those who live and work in our communities, particularly women, to have the skills and resources to build a better future for themselves.

Our Learning for Life programme does just that; giving promising talent around the world the opportunity to reach their full potential and enhance their employment opportunities through training and education in the hospitality industry. By empowering less fortunate people through skills development, Diageo aims to have a ripple eff­ect that can positively impact our communities and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of achieving employment and decent work for all.

Not only does our business sit at the heart of our communities, our community programmes sit at the heart of our business too. Some of our graduates from Mexico got to see this in practice when they were invited to attend World Class 2017 - the world’s biggest and most reputable cocktail competition and the ultimate test of bartending skill!

The graduates supported the event, getting real world bartending experience, training and access to the world’s best bartenders – not to mention a masterclass with Ketel One Master Distiller Bob Nolet!

And if that wasn’t inspiration enough to build a better future for themselves, they had the opportunity to meet Caesar Ocampos the finalist from Paraguay, who started his journey to World Class on Diageo’s Learning for Life programme. A true testament to its lasting impact on our communities.

“You can’t imagine the impact that the Learning for Life programme or experiences like World Class 2017 can have on our lives. I will keep studying to grow myself more and more. Thank you Diageo.”

Tabata Gutierrez