Internal audit - safeguarding our integrity

Case study

The vast majority of our employees make the right decisions at work, every day, everywhere. We have a culture that demands integrity, with our Code of Business Conduct, which was refreshed in July 2015, at its heart. When breaches of our Code and policies do occur, they are taken very seriously.

In one incident in 2014, our internal auditors asked members of a local team for minutes and documentation to confirm an internal management meeting had taken place and that certain agenda items had been discussed and acted on.

The documentation was provided – but internal audit raised concerns. A detailed investigation found that the documentation was created only after the auditor had requested it, and that this fact had been hidden from the auditors in an attempt to avoid an audit finding in their report.

There was no suggestion of personal gain. Nonetheless, as a business we will always act appropriately when breaches are substantiated, and in this case there were disciplinary proceedings which led to an individual leaving the business.

This type of incident is rare in Diageo – but we can never be complacent, and we have a sound corporate governance structure and a robust control, compliance and ethics programme to help safeguard the culture of integrity in our business.

Integrity Defenition