Ethiopia: growing our partnerships with barley farmers

Case study

“Working with Meta has significantly increased my yield, improved my income, and enabled me to better support my family."

That's the view of Meti Feyisa, from Assela, Ethiopia, who is a smallholder partner of our Meta Abo Brewery. She's one of 6,000 farmers in the network built from scratch in the country by Meta, who now buy half of their total used raw materials from smallholders - and aim to source 100% of their cereal raw materials from within Ethiopia by 2017.

Meta has a direct contract with each smallholder, who has access to a comprehensive production package that includes seeds, fertiliser, agronomy training, crop insurance and mechanization.

And we're looking for like-minded partners who want to go further - to introduce crop rotation with oilseeds to increase sustainability of yields, whilst opening an additional revenue source for farmers.

Partnerships with farmers are vital to our business - and they provide important benefits to communities, especially when we are able to source locally-grown ingredients.

While our breweries and distilleries have had close connections with farmers for decades, in Africa and elsewhere, we're always looking for places where we can build new relationships.

We have a particular commitment to source 80% of all our raw materials locally within the continent of Africa by 2020.

Woman in Ethiopia Barley field