Engineering safety into everything we do

Case study

We believe safety is fundamental, and we've introduced two new ways to embed it into the core of our business - through what we build, and through the people we work with.

From 2014, as part of our Engineering Safety initiative, every capital engineering project we start on is designed to a global engineering safety standard. New factories, new machinery - in fact, everything we build will be subject to a thorough risk assessment which aims to identify where accidents might happen, so that we can design them out.

And while safety is being designed into everything we engineer, we're also building it into the way we work with contractors, suppliers and site visitors as well as to our own people.

Among a wide range of measures, we run safety workshops in markets with operations, suppliers and local contractors, and we have written guides for contractors so that standards are consistent. We've developed a questionnaire so that we can ensure that organisations we work with are capable and competent: those that pass are included as approved contractors on our Engineering for Excellence website. Our Exemplary Site Manual is designed to show how safety should be addressed on every site, and site visitors must sign up to our Safety Charter at site entrances.

We're seeing good results from our work - as just one example, in 2015 our Meta Abo brewery in Ethiopia recorded 1,500,000 hours without a lost time accident. But we'll keep going - until everyone goes home safe, every day, everywhere.

engineer signing safety wall