Building DRINKiQ in Russia

Case study

3 people tasting drink

DRINKiQ is Diageo’s responsible drinking platform.  The DRINKiQ website hosts a range of resources and tools that provide people with information to help them make positive decisions about drinking – or not drinking.  One of the key assets available on the website is an interactive e-learning module. A DRINKiQ presentation is also available for face to face conversations – delivered by Diageo expert presenters - with measurement and evaluation to assess the impact of the session.

Since 2009, Diageo Russia, has engaged over 30,000 adults on the responsible enjoyment of alcohol through DRINKiQ. These adults include our business partners, universities, government agencies and other companies operating in the country.

Under the ‘Busting the Myth’ campaign, which focused on DRINKiQ for students only, 10 universities including Moscow Polytechnic and Irkuk State University were engaged, empowering students with information to avoid heavy episodic, or binge drinking. In partnership with Heidelberg Cement, Diageo also educated more than 2,500 employees giving them knowledge on how excessive alcohol can affect mental efforts. The giant building material producer is looking to incorporate the training into its Health and Safety agenda.

In 2017, we surveyed the effectiveness of this campaign over an eight-month period among both students and employees of participating organisations. Over 81% of respondents stated that they intend to change their attitude to alcohol misuse and related risks; 72% showed an intention to be more responsible in their behavior while 63% said they would definitely share the information they received with their friends and families.

We will continue to promote moderate drinking among our consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Are you interested in knowing more about DRINKiQ? Visit