Bagasse - A Local Way to Make Packaging More Sustainable in Brazil

Case study

A local supply of sugarcane by-products is enhancing the sustainability of our packaging.

Wherever possible, we aim to increase the sustainability of our packaging - and in Brazil, one of our global brands has found a unique source of materials close to home. Our Ypióca business is sourcing packaging made from bagasse, the fibrous material left over after the juice is extracted from sugar cane.

Ypicoa packaged bottles

In February 2014, our Messejana plant in Fortaleza started using 100% recycled board for the outer packaging of Smirnoff 21 vodka. Our supplier provides 100% recycled paper that is made partly from the sugar cane bagasse produced during the production of our own Ypióca brands. Thus this partnership supports the ambitions set out in our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, which state that Diageo packaging should, where possible, be made with sustainable materials.

Bagasse is plentiful in Brazil, and the project - which indirectly creates employment in the community and ensures that by-products go to good use - will be extended. We intend to include other Smirnoff brands in 2015.