Access to clean water for Tanzania’s health services

Case study

Lack of a regular clean water supply, sanitation and hygiene, pose a significant health problem in Tanzania – particularly in the dispensaries and health centres where almost 70% of the population go to receive health services.

National figures show that almost two-thirds of all health facilities lack a regular water supply – this is a familiar situation for the people of the Songea district in the Ruvuma region of Tanzania.

lady cutting ribbon

To improve access to clean and safe water for the 50,000 people who use the Mletele public primary health facility and for the surrounding communities of Songea, Diageo has committed £24,067 to construct deep boreholes and install a hand water pump. The work, will be managed by the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF).

We've also committed £27,755 to AMREF to do the same for the Mkamba public primary health facility and surrounding municipality in the Dar es Salaam region, bringing access to clean water to another 10,100 people.

lady pouring water

Water of Life projects such as these provide 'kick start' funding and expertise so that they can eventually stand on their own. These initiatives, funded by the Diageo Foundation, will also provide education and promote hygiene among staff and patients.

Through these projects we hope ultimately to strengthen the governance of, and community participation in, water management in these regions.