A creative way to tackle drink driving in South Africa

Case study

The South African market has one of the highest drink driving accident rates in the world. So we've been working to make a real difference through extensive research followed by targeted, award-winning awareness campaigns.

The campaigns began in 2006 when our joint venture in South Africa, brandhouse, conducted consumer research to gauge consumers' attitudes towards drinking and driving. That study revealed that the prevailing attitude amongst 18-25 year-olds was that being involved in an accident, or getting a criminal offence as a result of driving whilst drunk, 'won't happen to me'.

Drunk Driving Ad - South Africa

In response, the 'Drive Dry' campaign was launched with the tagline: 'It won't happen to me'. An installation called 'A Life Wrecked', part of the campaign, won a prestigious Cannes Bronze Lion award. It used the personal belongings of Heather Crosser, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver. With permission from the family, her personal items were crushed in a heavy duty compressor along with an entire car. It told a powerful personal story of how drink driving wrecks lives.

For 2012, Drive Dry adopted a new tagline: 'Who's going to drive you home tonight?' A digital, print, TV and live activations campaign made consumers think about their safety. The re-launch in 2013 aimed to get consumers to have an active role in responsible drinking.