Diageo announces Sterling equivalent of Interim Dividend at 32.05 pence per ordinary share

28 Mar 2024 | Press release

Further to the announcement on 30 January 2024 of an interim dividend of 40.50 US cents per ordinary share, today Diageo announces the Sterling equivalent of the dividend, amounting to 32.05 pence per ordinary share based on an exchange rate of US$1=£0.79136.

The US$:£ conversion rate was determined by the actual rates achieved by Diageo buying forward contracts for Sterling currency, during the three working days preceding this announcement, for delivery ahead of the dividend payment date.

The payment date of the dividend is 17 April 2024.

Other details relating to the dividend are set out in the announcement dated 30 January 2024 and are also available to view on the Company’s website at www.diageo.com.

James Edmunds
Deputy Company Secretary