Diageo Bar Academy launches unique virtual bar experience for the bar industry

26 Sept 2022 | Press release

The Virtual Bar is a unique 3D space featuring inspirational content and live events designed exclusively for bar professionals.

Diageo Bar Academy Launches Unique Virtual Bar Experience For The Bar Industry

Diageo Bar Academy announces the opening of a new Virtual Bar designed specifically for the bartender industry to connect and learn through a range of new materials, events and resources. The Virtual Bar bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, creating a unique online global community space featuring interactive events, live workshops, Q&A panels and more.

Each room in the Virtual Bar is distinctly styled based on a specific theme and topics. Bartenders, owners and managers can get the inside track on emerging industry trends in the Central Bar, unlock their experimental side in the Creative Lab, get familiar with their favourite drinks categories in the Liquid Studio and connect with like-minded bar professionals in the Social Club.

Exclusive video content on creative bar techniques such as smoking cocktails and fermentation will encourage bar professionals to push their creativity to the limit, while the unique Retro Cocktail Match Maker will help people to discover their favourite classic cocktail recipes. The Virtual Bar will also host community events including a virtual whisky tasting with Johnnie Walker and non-alcoholic cocktail workshop with Seedlip, mentoring sessions, and Q&A panels with prominent industry figures.

Launched in 2011, Diageo Bar Academy is a networking, training and inspiration hub for bar professionals, helping them further their careers, connect with others within the community and create amazing drink experiences. From skills training and education to trends and drinks inspiration, it’s a valuable resource for those who love the industry and want to go even further. Today’s launch of the Virtual Bar builds on the support provided to bartenders during covid when the Academy pivoted to online training courses and became a critical lifeline to the community during incredibly challenging times

Diageo Bar Academy member Ben Kanyi said: “I love the concept – having lots of rooms available is a great idea as you can explore different topics relevant to bartenders. The Creative Lab was my favourite room – a place to explore my creative side, whether that be elevating classic cocktails or discovering new recipes!”

Diageo Spokesperson Jacqueline Nasta, Head of Global On Trade Customer Marketing  said: “Innovation, creativity and community have always been at the heart of Diageo Bar Academy, and we are really excited that the Virtual Bar has given us the opportunity to bring these core principles to life. 

"This exciting space was built with our community members in mind – to provide them with a friendly local neighbourhood bar no matter where they are in the world. With what feels like the limitless possibilities interactive 3D experiences offer, we can’t wait to see how the Virtual Bar evolves in step with the future of our industry.” 

To mark its launch, Diageo Bar Academy is hosting a special treasure hunt within the Virtual Bar. Find all the clues for a chance to win a personalised barware roll-up kit. Bar professionals can sign up to become a Diageo Bar Academy member for free to gain exclusive access to the Virtual Bar.

Step Inside the Virtual Bar now: www.diageobaracademy.com/virtual-bar-limited-access

Diageo Bar Academy has partnered with Threedium, an innovative London-based company that creates 3D Augmented Reality experiences to bring the Virtual Bar to life.