Diageo and Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery form joint venture; launch new-to-world whisky in China

19 Apr 2019 | Press release

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Today, Diageo and Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery Co., Ltd (‘Yanghe’), are proud to announce the launch of ‘Zhong Shi JiTM, a premium taste of East and West’. This new-to-world whisky is carefully and specially crafted by master blenders and distillers from Scotland and China.

Zhong Shi JiTM has been created by Jiangsu Yanghe Diageo Spirit Co. Ltd, a new joint venture formed between Diageo and Yanghe, China’s third largest Baijiu distiller.

China is the world’s largest total beverage alcohol (‘TBA’) market delivering retail sales value of US$178 billion per annum1. The largest category is Baijiu, also known as Chinese white spirit. International spirits currently make up around 3% of the TBA market, with Scotch being the second largest international category.

Zhong Shi JiTM is a collaboration between Diageo Scotch Whisky master blender, Craig Wallace, and a China Alcoholic Drinks Association's Chinese Baijiu master, Zhou Xinhu. Through a unique process, including maturation in Chinese ceramic pots, they have created a unique, full-flavoured, exceptionally smooth liquid.

With 80% of alcohol consumption2 taking place in the meal occasion in China, mainly in restaurants and at home, Zhong Shi JiTM provides a new-to-world whisky for discerning consumers to enjoy.


C.H. Chu, Managing Director, Diageo Greater China, commented: ‘Diageo has long regarded China as one of the world’s most important emerging markets for whisky. With accelerated urbanisation and a fast-growing middle class, Chinese consumers are demanding both choice and quality. We believe that Zhong Shi JiTM can play an important role in the Chinese dining occasion, launching a new era for whisky drinkers in China. Through our new partnership with Yanghe, we are well placed to leverage our strengths in craftsmanship, brand building and distribution.’

Zhu Wei, Vice President of Yanghe, expressed his enthusiasm for Zhong Shi JiTM and the partnership with Diageo: “Zhong Shi JiTM is a gift from both Yanghe and Diageo. The two companies are committed to this exciting new partnership and to leveraging our combined expertise in supply chain, distribution and brand marketing. I firmly believe Zhong Shi JiTM will quickly become Chinese consumers’ new favourite, with its ultra-smooth taste and superior quality, created through unique processes and craftsmanship from both China and the West.’

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