Baltimore’s Guinness Open Gate Brewery Introduces Ecofriendly Beer Carriers

9 May 2019 | Press release

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Furthers Diageo and Guinness’s continued commitment to the reduction of plastics in packaging


May 09, 2019 (Baltimore, MD) – On the heels of Guinness parent company Diageo’s recent global announcement to invest £16m ($20.6m) to reduce the amount of plastics used in its beer packaging operations, including the Guinness brand, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery announces that all Baltimore-brewed limited release canned multipacks available for purchase at the brewery will be sold in ecofriendly carriers.  These carriers, which are sustainably-sourced, are designed as an alternative to the standard plastic rings typically used for beer. Made from by-product waste and other compostable materials, the carriers are fully compostable and biodegradable.

“As a company and a brand, we are continuously looking for ways to work with our suppliers, customers and consumers to ensure that our packaging is sustainable, as well as effective,” said Pietro DiPilato, Senior Vice President of Technical, Diageo NA. “We have implemented a number of sustainable strategies into the design and long-term operations at Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore and are thrilled to take this next step to offer our visitors the chance to take home a taste of the brewery in functional, sustainable and attractive packaging.”


While the Guinness Open Gate Brewery has offered visitors a chance to buy a select offering of its locally-brewed experimental beers in growlers since its opening in August of 2018, the popular destination has recently expanded their for-purchase offerings to include cans. Recent canned selections from the tap list, some of which have sold out in under a week, have included Black IPA, Crosslands Honey Ale, Rye Stout, and Northwest IPA.  The current limited release canned multipack is a light, crisp Spring Pilsner, which features notes of cracker and citrus, and is available in six-packs, which are of course connected by the new ecofriendly carriers.  This week the brewery also began featuring its canned releases in four-packs for the first time, and is the first brewery in the world to utilize the four-pack version of these highly-sustainable ring carriers.

In 2018 Diageo announced new plastics targets for 2025 and beyond. Diageo’s targets ensure that 100% of plastics used are designed to be widely recyclable or reusable/compostable. In December 2017, Diageo committed to phasing out the use of plastic straws and stirrers from its offices, events, promotions, advertising and marketing globally – and advocates the same to its partners and customers.

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